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Bonjour Darling…

My name? I’m Menellia Valcent a Caribbean Living Girl, devout Francophile & Lifestyle Design & Confidence Coach to global women. And I’m all about teaching women to become their own success connoisseurs through Mindset, Personal & Performance Mastery!

I love beach sunsets, Paris, style, joy & crushing my goals. All definitions of “my version of wealth”. But YOU my darling & different so here’s where I can guide you into jump-starting that journey of going from confused to confident clarity as you reset from ground zero & begin creating lasting change in mindset, personal & lifestyle transformation “ESPECIALY POST QUARTER LIFE CRISIS”.

I think you and I can agree that You are DONE with mediocrity, and you are READY to claim your full purpose in this place! Because you’re here right now! So darling, welcome to the Atelier! Start With My Exception Life Creation Masterclass…


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Tiffany Gnaly - Business Mindset Coach To Women

Menellia is such an amazing spirit. She has a way of telling you exactly what you need, but in an honest, simple and understanding way. I love the guidance she gives, because she does not only give me TONS of energy, but she has a way of sharing EXACTLY what you need to do, and she always adds proper value to our conversations. So beyond happy that I met her…


Bridgette Reacco - Reiki Practicioner & Holistic Coach

Menellia was phenomenal! She definitely over delivered! During our call, I could feel my overwhelm begin to drift away because she broke down the steps into bite size chunks that I felt I could handle. She helped me get a good idea of what the day to day work looks like in order to create the business that I want in the long run. I really appreciate all of the guidance and support!


Pamela Robinson - Motivational & Keynote Speaker & Coach

So excited to be working with such a phenomenal individual. Menellia is aligned with everything and her quality of work delivered is soo amazing! I am still in shock! Her mindset is on point, everything is aligned and she did a perfect job for me with my website!



On your personal identity, your goals & mission and developing a roadmap for YOUR success!

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In being the powerful woman you are and your ability to create the lifestyle you desire!

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To remain steadfast, resilient and focus driven with grace, ease as you step into your boldest power!


My mission : To help 5,000 women cultivate this in their lives in the next 12 MONTHS! Are you one of them? Here’s where to begin the process of your elegant succes…


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The most valuable life lesson I've learned is that..the best part of reaching a goal is the person you much become in the process. I have a framework for goal setting & it’s not just deciding and writing it down. This framework has not only helped me achieve some of my “wildest desires” but helped dozens of my clients also shift from confusion, fear & anxiety to confident clarity & results!

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At the heart of everything I do & teach is ensuring that you’re fully able and open to receiving your abundance and creating the life & business you desire without guilt, shame or fear. I’ve gone through my own self growth & high performance habit building journey “we’ll get to that soon”, therefore I know one FACT! And that is success is an inside job! In the vibrational match training we release your success blocks!

I love working with women who are committed to doing the work & you being here shows that you have already began to give yourself that permission. Therefore I can’t wait to grow our relationship as you transform & grow into a space of more freedm, balance & ease.