Where Personal Mastery Meets Business Mastery With Grace

Where Personal Mastery Meets Business Mastery With Grace!

For Female Lifestyle Coaches who need the tools to run a successful business without having the feeling that they are busy all the time!

I like to call it #elegantsuccess

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Become The Woman Who Built A Profitable & Irresistable Elite Style Coaching Business WITHOUT Sacrificing Her Lives, Time or Well Being...

The Women Who Has

Mastered Your Personal Power & Cultivated A Life Of Bliss


Built More Brand Awareness & Authority In Your Biz


Created Savvy Client & Intimate Relationships


& Built More Structure, Control & Flow For Long Term Growth In Your Business & Life


It's totally possible!! I'm Menellia Valcent "Your Business Launch Strategist & Lifestyle Mentor" & I'll Show You How..

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Overwhelmed To Upscaling & Delegating

1,000,000 thank yous are in order for helping me to recondition MY mind in making moves for MYSELF. Sometimes we get so engrossed in the pursuit of our vision that we often neglect ourselves! I've been able to make some amazing life changing decisions post working with Menellia and I'm really excited!

Serial Entrepreneur “Brick & Mortar Biz” - Mandisa Morrison St.Lucia

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Massive Shift After 4 Years Of Struggling…

Menellia Has The Best Business Suggestions. I Gained Great Clarity On My Message And Of My Client Wants And Needs. I Got So Much Done In 3 Hours Than I Did In 4 Years. Thank You So Much. Thank You For Believing In Me. Thank You For Taking A Chance On Me.Thank You For Seeing My Passion & Vision. I Am So Grateful For Help And Your Wisdom.

Cert Clinical Nutritionist - Sherline White www.periodgoddess.com New York

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Reenergized, Steadfast & Focused In Her New Biz

Menellia is such an amazing spirit. She has a way of telling you exactly what you need, in an honest, simple and understanding way. I love the guidance she gives, because she does not only give me TONS of energy, but she has a way of simplifying EXACTLY what you need to do, and she always adds proper value to our conversations. So beyond happy that I discovered her….

Relationship Coach Tiffany Gnaly– www.tiffanygnaly.com “Norway”


More Love

So excited to be working with such a phenomenal individual. Menellia is aligned with everything and her quality of work delivered is soo amazing!

Pamela M Robinson



This Is Your Scenario "You're Filled With Fear and Indecisiveness. You're Unsure If Your Offering Is The Right Thing To Sell, So You're ALWAYS Changing It Or Undercharging What So Much "Your Services Are Free". Maybe Your Scenario Is, You're Still Unclear Of How To Take Your Passions & Turn It Into A Lucrative Online Business & In The End, You Get So Consumed With Anxiety & Overwhelm That You Simply Shut Down & Do Nothing!! Which ULTIMATELY affects your entire life! " Sounds Familiar?

It's Time To Cultivate Self Worth & Raise Your Net Worth...WE WILL ..



cultivate daily self awareness & create lifestyle bliss

I believe that creating a business has to be done AROUND your LIFE and not the other way around. By releasing the limitations & blocks keeping you in the mindset & space that you cannot create success in BOTH your business & life, become fully empowered to better understand your full potential & passions as a woman first & CEO second, as well as infuse daily habits to continuously generate everyday joy as you grow & serve in your business!

develop brand awareness with more ease

By mastering your legacy message through leveraging your story, you will learn to create distinction in your industry!Your power value proposition is where the who, what, why and how of your brand creates couture style “Ivy League” opportunities



Build stronger client relationships

Elaborating on your messaging and using that to magnetize & guide your inner circle community into your “funnel” will ensure that you develop a powerful nurture,engage, invite and delight sequence for long term client trust!

create more structure, control & flow for long term business growth

With powerful & proven solutions driven systems stay on track of your day to day, month to month and yearly business productivity actions & growth stages without the overwhelm. Plus consistently learn more about your community & clients for exciting improvements.




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Courses & Classes

Want To Become The Most Unapologetic & Most Powerful Version Of You Whilst Growing Your Business? Starting Today,Begin To Redefine Your Lifestyle, Mindset & Self In Order To Wake Up With More Energy, Confidence, Resilience & Grounding As You Grow Your Business

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Private Coaching Programs

Let’s Redefine Your Mindset, Build Authority In Your Niche, Create Impact In The World & Income In Your Business With Elite Support; Because Powerhouse Business Women Get To Play Too! Perfect for the coach who has done the ground work, & Ready To Elevate!

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The Success Atelier

Want To Become The Most Unapologetic & Most Powerful Version Of You Whilst Growing Your Business? Starting Today,Begin To Redefine Your Lifestyle, Mindset & Self In Order To Wake Up With More Energy, Confidence, Resilience & Grounding As You Grow Your Business

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