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Bonjour, I'm Menellia Valcent, your online business strategist & lifestyle success coach.

 I’m going to show you how to simplify & structure your online business blueprint for profits as you cultivate a lifestyle of elegance and ease~ 

Let's dive into your navigation map!


The Elegant Success Café!

Spice up your self worth, rack up your net worth. Empower your life, your mind, your business with our experience and savvy tips..

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The Confident Ladypreneur's Success Blueprint "Free"

As an international Lifestyle & Mindset Coach I support overwhelmed, burnt out and busy Ladypreneurs create the Confidence & Direction they need to strategize and grow their businesses and cultivate the balance, joy and energy in their everyday lives. And to begin empowering you with the tools you need to save a ton of time, money & energy in creating your business framework for growth...a gift for you.An 8 pillar framework to go from Idea To Profits "EVEN IF YOU'RE BRAND NEW"!Get Instant Access Below!


Your Goalsetting Made Impactfully Easy!

Have you ever looked at other successful women and wondered what they are doing that you aren't? 
How is it that they're able to  accomplish everything they're doing? How are they able to live the way they're living?
How are they making the money,creating that freedom and looking dang good doing it?? 
I Bet That You Wish You Had A Magic Lamp....AM I RIGHT?? Here's something BETTER!

Your 5 step roadmap to consistently setting & crushing your goals & desires with ease!


The Atelier "sip & chat"

Join me live every Thursday for free coaching as you get your questions about cultivating performance, freedom and joie de vivre over inside the Elegant Success Atelier "our private Facebook Community". PLUS, mix & mingle with like minded women on the same mission as yourself!Grab a drink & 


Your Elevation...

Experience Passionate Bliss & Liberation Avec Moi...Why wait any longer "not" enjoying the confusion. Let's get your business moving & growing with a streamlined strategy! Even though you will find an array of amazing resources, trainings and tools across this platform, nothing beats getting 1:1 support! Let's see if we're the right fit to work together!

Why you should book: You are READY & COMMITTED to take the next step to scaling your business!
Why you should NOT book: You are looking for a free session and NOT COMMITTED to scaling to the next level!


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