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I'm Menellia,

Your little helper in creating your beautifully empowered life!

Which is if you're a drained corporate woman, overwhelmed fempreneur, frustrated coach. 

I spend most of my time "when I'm NOT at the 9-5" creating programs, podcasts, and packages to help you create a life that feels energetic & authentic "all out of your overwhelm & frustrations". But I only work with women who are truly available to get down and vulnerable, and care about their own success & happiness as well as those of others in the world. Yes...

My belief is that you are already the woman you desire to become. She's hiding within you, so I'm here to help you unleash her UN-APOLOGETICALLY!

I want you to love your job, your clients to love you and the support you give them, and you to design and live the life you desire! That Is All!!

p.s. My heart belongs to the beautiful city of Paris, I speak 2.5 languages - I say .5 because of fluency", I'm a huffpo contributor, I love everything WINE, très cliché & I live in the beautiful Caribbean island of Saint Lucia. #islandgal

Oh and one more thing...don't forget to drop by my Female Empowered Blog - "The Courageous Society" where it all began. 

Please feel free to read my not so elegant story & then...

I Had a light bulb moment. This session made me realize that anything is possible with the right mindset. Her session was very inspiring. She makes you embrace you as an individual. Her positive demeanor shines right through you. This stood out throughout the session.
— c.ephraim