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"I'm So Glad You're Here Darling!Because You And I, We're The Same! I'm Menellia Valcent; And  If You're An Amazing, Talented, Success-Minded Early Stage Coach Who Are Struggling With Her Self-Worth, Low Energy & Lot's Of Self Doubt; Then I'm Gonna Show You How To Become A Fully Empowered Woman & Build A Profitable Coaching Business; So That You Too Can Have More Freedom To Live A Healthier, Energetic, More Abundant Life With Bold Confident Grace "

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I Believe In Embracing The Present Simplicity, Elegance & Creating From That Space With Flow.
— Menellia

BUT First - It's Important That You Know Who I Am & What I Stand For!

First off, I'm a Caribbean girl, Francophile/LOVER OF THE FRENCH CULTURE; and when I'm in the kitchen it's a fancy affair with myself & a glass of wine. When I created the High Styled Life Community, I wanted to show my personality. I wanted to create a business that reflected what I stand for & what I love. I believe that a great pair of heels, a glass of wine, chocolate AND THE RIGHT MINDSET & ATTITUDE can solve almost anything!!  But it didn't start there. OH NOOO

2012 - 2014

Imagine...crying yourself to sleep from stress and worry and anger and pain. That was me. Imagine, sweeping your hair off the floor from the result of anxiety and high-level stress, and negativity because the answers you need aren't showing up! That was me again. Imagine being so financially stressed that you can't even afford a proper meal. Me again.  

2015 My Rebirth Began

Now imagine, stepping off a plane in Paris and thinking "wowww, I can't believe that I am here. You guessed it. Moi.

If someone told me 5 years ago that I would be where I am right now I would laugh. Me? Introverted, people pleasing, never vocal, in debt Menellia? Never.... But it did somehow, someway happen. And if I were too fast forward to today I wouldn't; because I would miss out on the art of cultivating the a lifestyle & mindset I have now.

It hasn't been a smooth sailing, but the rough waters of lessons and training have helped me cultivate what's important to my well-being, my happiness, my Joie De Vivre. And I spill my metamorphosis in this post because when I got clarity on what I wanted, I became dedicated and remained persistent! When all the signs said noooooo this isn't for you, you're not cut out for this, you're not good enough, just be comfortable and grateful and all that, I pressed on.

2016 - Today "My Soul Growth & Soaring"

Had I listened to that ego mindset I wouldn't have developed this passionate brand, learn how to speak in public "this girl was a crier”, work with women across the world, nor become my highest performing self-doing the things I realllllly love!! And it's really important for me to share my vulnerability with you too. I  don't have all the answers, but I know this truth - when you stop resisting, MAGIC REALLLLY happens! When you allow yourself to step into the highest version of you with confidence, your life TRANSFORMS! 

It took me a very long 4+ years to get from indifferent, stressed out, doubting myself & afraid of creating a success & a lifestyle where my happiness & positive energy is the center of everything. But you don't have to go through the pain anymore. Because I'm going to show you how to cultivate an elegantly successful happy lifestyle, as you're building your online business. Let's get started!


& How I Help You Get To Where You Want To Be


I strongly believe that every woman is capable of transforming her reality. She can have the job, the success, the business, the elegance she desires regardless of her current circumstances. The ugly stories & programming you’ve been embodying have kept you chained up in that mindset & space of lack, pain and fear; and the time has come for you to own your power.
I see you because I’ve been you.

  • You’re yearning to truly live an abundant life an elegantly luxurious life "by definition"
  • You’re desiring to have more energy to serve at a higher frequency in your business
  • And you wish you had more time and freedom to live your most fulfilled life
  • You with to quit living a lackluster life & take back control of your thoughts and emotions
  • You're ready to grow deeper in love with yourself and your worth by letting go of sabotage & negative habits
  • You would LOVE to feel deeply grounded and at peace with yourself and the lifestyle you're living
  • You would love to experience bliss & cultivate Joie de vivre with ease
  • You're desiring to create value filled goals and habits AND step into that identity of your highest self "the one you imagine who rules the world
  • Your wish is to start taking consistent, productive & confident action towards your personal, business or career goals by designing a vibrant future for yourself


A connoisseur has to go through the process of analysis before authenticating and validating the best artwork, wine, meal etc, this is how I help you become your own version. It sounds sexy and simple, but a winemaker has to sow, sort, reap, before he can enjoy the rewards of his labor. And through my private  mentorships "The Desires Playdate"  ,  and my Courses, my main focus is to support you in "getting absolutely clear on your personal & business goals, your vision and your purpose, cultivating an abundance mindset towards achieving them by helping you identify & overcoming your blocks & limitations and designing your own version of success leading up to fulfilled living by claiming her right & power to live in her boldes truth!
 We Dissect, We Analyse, We Cleanse, & We Create the life & success YOU and ONLY You Can connect to.  In order words I help you create elegant success with more grace & style!

So darling, are you ready to become your own success connoisseur & build a business you love? 


My mission for the #highstyledlife community refines every day, but the message has always remained the same. To support women in knowing their values, claiming their desires, and creating a lifestyle of full enthusiastic love with style and grace. When your internal messaging, story, and alignment is right, the external results begin to flourish & reflect what it is that you're seeking to create. A life of abundant laughter, enthusiasm, love and sweet success. a highstyled woman writes a stylish story inclusive of the things, people and opportunities she desires without apology. My approach to success may be different than most, but from my personal experience and the results from past clients, self care should be the first pillar for growth and within my coaching stream that is one of my main pillars of focus along with emotional mastery, wealth mindset & easeful success strategies.

Combined, the three will lead you more fulfillment in life and more success without the hard hustle.And I'm here you cultivate just that! 

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I’m so honored you’re here and I hope this is just the start of our relationship. The best way to stay connected is to sign up for my "which feminine being are you embodying quiz right here" . And I look forward to connecting more soon!

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“Thanks for refreshing my energy and awakening my motivation again, when I hear you I release all the bad and I cling to your word of love. A great pleasure to have spoken to you today and hope to meet you in person in the future.”


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