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1ST - "the fancy third person bio" 

Menellia is the success coach & mindset mentor behind the High Styled Society Community. She helps new & early stage coaches cut through & release the fears, mindset blocks and emotional barriers keeping them from growing their business, raising their prices, and taking back control of their wealth mindsets.

 Compiling her 10 years of corporate experience as an administrative assistant, team supervisor and product sales representative, plus her training some of the top coaches in the world "including Brendon Burchard, Sherina Mayani, Jessica Caver, Tonya Leigh & Gina Devee" she makes vulnerability fun & impactful!

Menellia also possessed a professional certificate in Supervisory Management as well as a  certificate in International Leadership & Organisational Behavior, have worked with women across the globe & a few global fashion brands when she began her journey as a blogger.Her work can be seen on platforms such as The Huffington Post, LogoJoy, Self Development Secrets & Sivana East. Find her at

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1st Fun Fact: I LOVE STYLE

2nd Fun Fact: I Spent 2 Years Growing My Business & Made ONLY $150 "make that nEGATIVE"

3rd Fun Fact: The 3rd Year I Invested In 3 Coaches with money i didn't have "took loans, borrowed/begged my sisters, & savings I didn't have" To Get Me Out of That Shitty mindset Of Not Good Enoughness & Craft A quaility brand & BOOOM! Live Events, International Clients & Manifesting Money Life A Boss!hmmm

4th Fun Fact: I Don't Have Time To Convince You To Change Your Mindset & I don't have time for quick wins, & i'm not here to teach you how to create a jetsetter lifestyle in 4 months!! meaning. YOU MUST bE COMMITTED TO WANT THIS! SO IF YOU'RE NOT,YOU MIGHT AS WELL CLOSE THIS BROWSER TAB!


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And Now For The Cute Personal Bio!

I'm a sunny Caribbean Island girl who also has passion for the big city.  I am a writer,  blogger, love a camera, supervisor to a sales team, and when I'm in the kitchen it's a fancy affair with myself & a glass of wine. When I created the High Styled Society. I wanted to show my personality.I wanted to create a business that reflected what I stand for & what I love. I believe that a great pair of heels, a glass of wine, chocolate AND THE RIGHT MINDSET & ATTITUDE can solve anything!! . 

And do you know what's fucking amazing? I'm no longer where I used to be 4 years or even one year ago!! LIKE WOW....SERIOUSLY! I remember when my ass was crying myself to sleep from stress and worry and anger and pain,I remember when I was sweeping my hair off the floor from the result of anxiety and high level stress, and negativity. I remember when I cried on that coaching call infront of 30+ strangers. And I remember when I said you know what no more resisting, no more perfection, no more YES GIRL and EVERY F**KING THING FELL INTO PLACE!!

I spill my  metamorphosis in this post, because when I got clarity what I wanted, I became dedicated and remained persistent! When all the signs said noooooo this isn't for you, you're not cut out, you're not good enough, just be comfortable and grateful and bla bla blaaa! Had I listened to that ego mindset I wouldn't have developed this passionate brand,learn how to speak in public "this girl was a crier",work with women across the world,nor become my highest performing self  doing the things I realllllly love!! And it's really important for me to share my vulnerability with you too.  I don't have all the answers, but I  know this truth - when you stop resisting, MAGIC REALLLLY happens! And I'm ready to help YOU MY DARLING GIRL READING THIS create magic in your own life!

It took me a very long 4+ years to get from indifferent,stressed out, doubting myself & afraid to creating a my success & a lifestyle where my happiness & positive energy is the center of everything. But you don't have to go through that pain. Because I've gone through all the shit show just for you!

i bet your desire is to live A Fulfilling, Authentic, Highly sexy Life & your hope is that your business is gonna help you!
And the fact that you're reading this means that
we have a lot of work to do!

if it has to do with overcoming challenges & Mindset Blocks,pushing past energy drains & designing life I CAN HELP! And what better way to show you how But within a fancy menu? here's my Approach.


You've got the idea of how you desire to live & How You Want Your Business To grow, but your challenges seems to be standing in the way. And you're tired of struggling and SO OVER the roller coaster of high low energy & moments, especially Feeling Not Good Enough. You just want to cleanse your palette of the negativity & prepare to live your best life as you be your best performing self in your business!
What You need is someone to help you Redesign Your Mindset ASAP!



 over the past 4 years of my personal journey & working with other women globally, I've learned the true art mastering "living life with passion - by my own definition at that" as well as transform my mindset towards life from scarcity & hustle to abundace & grace. I help Coaches & female Entrepreneurs Generate happy, build confidence, Take on the big challenges And Push Pass The Barriers Preventing Them From creating the lives and business they desire through the power of Personal & Emotional Mastery, habit & direction! From lost to grounded, confused to precise, unclear to lucid, your inner brilliance is waiting to be lit up...



Scenario - A connoisseur has to go through the process of analysis before authenticating and validating the best artwork, wine, meal etc, this is how I help you become your own version. It sounds sexy and simple, but a winemaker has to sow, sort, reap, before he can enjoy the rewards of his labor. And through my signature program "Design Your High Styled Life Your Way" I support You In eliminating the stress involved in revamping and transforming Your lives including "getting clear on your personal & business goals, raising Your wealth mindset, overcoming confidence blocks & limitations,Which leads you to cultivating a high quality lifestyle & taking your business from Stuck To Thriving!

But i have one request only. That you commit to meeting me along the ride. I only work with women who are ready to ditch the perfection and get vulnerable in exposing the ugliest truths to themselves, in order to create space for more energy, more enthusiasm, more focus on their goals and their performance. It's a scary process, I wholy admit, but have you ever envisioned what your business & life could look like If you were to LET GO of all the "i cant's? I know I did...and I will never look back. Start with this quick treat...

& A quick BONUS

Ready To Re Energize your life & mood,get instant access to my bonus training call "release you Energy zappers" action workbook included! click here!


I am a more relaxed and more focused individual. By going within my traumatic memories I was able to control my emotions and release negative energies. I also identified situations where I would get angry and rea - Copy.png
I am a more relaxed and more focused individual. By going within my traumatic memories I was able to control my emotions and release negative energies. I also identified situations where I would get angry and rea (8).png


are you ready for your new normal?
buckle up because it's gonna be a wild ride!

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