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Bonjour Ma Chérie

Welcome to the Courageous Corner, dedicated to women who are ready to grow their confidence in order to live their most desirous lives... 

This strong woman faces, self-doubt, overwhelm, fears of failing & discouragement from her circle. 

But DEEP down in the core of her heart, her soul SHE KNOWS that she is so much more than this. She knows that is she has the right guidance, the right focus, the right support she can achieve ANYTHING she sets her mind to. 

If you've landed on this page you're about to make a commitment to FEEL good enough, CONFIDENT ENOUGH & WORTHY enough to TRANSFORM your desires into reality.

You are ready to #stepintoyourgreatness

Clarity, Love, Support, & A Master Plan.
But let's begin by "Accepting Who You Are In This Moment & Then create your most beautiful mindset & energy filled, courageous life. 

xx Bisous

Deciding that you want  more is simple. Understanding WHAT exactly you want is the key struggle.And failure can put a dumper on your spirits preventing you from stepping unto your runway.
And the first stage is decluttering your limiting obstacles, emotions & beliefs & gaining clarity of the definition of who you desire to become.

What's the REASON? You begin to envision your life exactly as you want them to be. And you understand that in order to manifest it, you must set clear cut goals + create a strategy.But what's your WHY? What is the story behind why you're doing what you're doing?
What does your Audrey Hepburn Life look like?

A goal without a plan and ACTION is JUST A DREAM! And dreams though beautiful are even more glamourous  in reality. Imagine taking regular walks in the Jardin Du Luxembourg Paris; or maybe your dream is regular sun baths on white sandy caribbean beaches; or spending more time with your family... Let's give you that... 



If you had a magic wand & could make your life look however you wanted over the next 90 days,what would this look like for you?

You don't have to wait until you feel so incapacitated to create it,nor do you have to wait till everything is peachy perfectly in place to start...but you need to take the first step.. decide to go get it. Don't get left behind..

& I am fully committed to holding your hand as we realign your life, redefine your fears and un-paralyze your mindset in order to create your desired life. As your accountability partner & coach,my cheer-leading pompoms are ALWAYS on standby!

Business Clarity Coach


Je suis Menellia

et enchanté

I'm Your Go-To Self Development, Mindset Empowerment & Success Coach Who Focuses Specifically On Fears And Unwanted Vulnerability In Millennial Women & Female Entrepreneurs Worldwide.

And just so you know, I didn't begin here. FARRRR from it as a matter of fact. I mean, stressed out overwhelm to chronic migraines & falling hair...but my story is too long for here so I've compiled my truth in this 40 page memoir

My purpose is to support women into creating energetic lives & thriving online businesses. Women Who Desire Creating Abundant Lifestyles Filled With Joy In An Era Of Overwhelm & Uncertainty. It's Time To Re-Ignite Your True Purpose & Up-Level Your Confidence & Belief Systems; Because I'm Here To Support & Cheer Lead You All The Way To That Finish Line,Even When It Gets Really Hard...


<<<OH  & this is me eating un Crêpe au chocolat
"my favourite french treat"
in Montmartre "my favourite Parisian arrondissement"

Ready to get your Audrey Hepburn Inspired Life?

Oh And BTW, I REALLY Love Paris,Shoes,Wine,Flowers &  Audrey Hepburn, & I Occasionally Throw That Into The Mix Over On The Blog Nothing But Velvet or on my podcast show in my fun frenchglish accent "le personal development café" & Here's my RAW, UNPOLISHED TRUTH!!

My Core Values:

  • ♡ Empowering women to become the women they desire
  • ♡ Making every experience no matter how difficult a fun learning process
  • ♡ Instilling growth and self care in every way possible
  • ♡ Creating a community for continuous support & uplift
  • ♡ Living Wholeheartedly
  • ♡ Contributing to the world
  • ♡ Supporting desirous dreams...because they are a gateway to a defined life..

With my background as sales administrative supervisor & building customer relationships, plus my passion manifesting positivism & results, coupled with my training in purpose discovery & goal harvesting I promise to help you create your desirous life. To live wholeheartedly once again.To step into your renewed confidence.Let's turn your dream into a blissful reality!  Start by booking your complimentary breakthrough session or email me at if you don't like forms.