High Styled Life Mentoring Application
"note that this is NOT a coaching call"

I only accept clients who are committed to transforming their lifestyles & mindset into and who are ready to embrace the core essesnce of their purpose into their businesses.Are you her? Checkpoint below! Also because the nature of these investments are high end & intimate please ensure that you are as clarified as possible in your responses when filling in the application section intake. 


  1. You're a woman who is serious about receiving high level success coaching in order to improve your life and business performance & you wanna do it with an added flare.

  2. You are committed and ready to invest the time,emotional & financial resources in this your growth and transformation
  3. You want nothing more the to be happy and successful in your life and build a passion driven & thriving business
  4. You desire to breakthrough the limitations, traumas and transform the excuses you're holding unto keeping in the space of lack and fear.


  1. You are not serious about your success or personal transformation and only experimenting
  2. You much rather the deep masculine approach to creating success.
  3. You're not ready to expand your mindset and values immediately 
  4. You are not ready and committed to receiving the support you need to take you from the space of stuckness and explore what possibilities are truly out there for you 
  5. You are completely ok and happy with your current situations



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