Lifestyle Coach & Success Coach For Women!

+Business Systems & Structure
+Business Mindset & Wealth Consciousness
+Marketing & Selling

Do you desire to launch or grow your very own sustainable coaching or service based business in 2017? One that has you working from your home office with your dream clients? Are you ready to create a financially savvy lifestyle you've been dreaming of?
One where you get to travel to destinations on your secret pin boards?
Or sharing relaxing fancy dinners in the comfort of your own home with your family?

I'm betting that's a resounding "YES" I hear.

If you're a brand new or early stage service based biz owner, chances are you may be lacking some confidence in your brand identity, afraid of selling your packages or can't attract your ideal client. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with your current process & systems and you’re on the brink of giving up; well I’m here to tell you that it’s not only possible, but if supporting other women create their desired life is your calling, it’s your duty to honor that calling and start claiming your dream life & business…

It's the summer business sizzle campaign where I'll support you in setting up your online business for success in the coming months. This is your chance to transform your business with my support. If you’re tired of doing so much, & trying so many different approaches, let’s try something new. It’s your “short cut” to success in your business!!

Growing your business can be fun. BUT let's get can also be "overwhelming". When you decided to become a coach you assumed that by just putting up a website & spending time in Facebook groups would bring clients running to you... but now you understand that it's deeper than that. You find yourself changing your layout, changing your packages, your messaging, your pricing, and worst “self-sabotaging your business in the process”.

Any of this sounds familiar?

Believe me...YOU ARE NOT ALONE....& I've done it as well. MULTIPLE TIMES!!

Seriously, during the first 9 months of my biz, I spend all of it hiding, found myself changing my layout & branding and my packages 10 times...and then I got tired of it because it just didn't seem just didn't speak my message, it didn't reflect my brand & I was far from confident is selling it... 


Today, it's my mission &

 excited joy to empower other women coaches to stop the waiting game,get out of their own ways & their own versions of a profitable lifestyle based coaching business!

And how incredible it would feel to not only know how to do all of the above,but also have a supportive guide to ensure that you create & build the coaching business you desire?

If you're nodding in agreement up there thinking, this is so sooo what I need, knowing that there is a better way to creating & solidifying your overall brand; then you're definitely in the right place.  




  •  How to approach potential clients to work with you
  •  How to market your business without feeling confident
  •  How to put your packages together & market them with ease
  •  What your brand should be about & how to position yourself as an expert
  •  Whether or not you’re worthy of charging your prices
  •  Whether or not you will make money

 I will walk you through every single step to ensure that you have all your systems & structures in place. That’s right, from your business hub to raising your wealth consciousness, to creating your package.

Here's What You'll Gain As You Build Your Empire

❤️ More confidence in your brand message, pricing & packages

❤️Increased clarity in who your ideal client is and how + why  you're going to serve them

❤️More confidence in your marketing so that you are attracting your ideal client.

❤️Raised wealth consciousness towards your online brand

❤️A simple marketing strategy to grow your visibility & reach

❤️An organised base for effectively managing your business

❤️More confidence selling & booking clients

Sounds like a lot to cover in a short space of time?I know, but it's important. The heart of your brand is what makes you stand out. 

The best part? This system works for every level of business!

The women I work with are filled with passion & desire to create great impact in the lives of others. They desire to live a life filled with energy & excitement. And having a business they love working from, gives them the freedom to be the greatly empowered change-makers they want to be. Confident & Free.
— menellia

 This Program Is Perfect If You:

  • Are ready to gain clarity on who you're meant to serve
  • You would love support simplifying  building your packages
  • You are ready to overcome feelings of inadequacy and defeat to walk in the confidence in your industry 
  • You would like to know the secrets to creating the mindset required to break free from old ways of thinking and into your highest level of success
  • You thrive very well in a a group setting
  • You're a new or early stage struggling coach
  • You are ready to create the life you desire


Online business coach

Why Me?

Because like you I tried to DIY it all MULTIPLE TIMES! I HONESTLY thought that building an online business was doable on my own, and when that didn’t play out as hoped, I began to self-sabotage. “My internal dialogue followed the same suit”. I had two choices, give up or find someone to help me. Someone who understood the system I needed to learn & master.

Investing in not 1 but 2 high level business coaches truly allowed me to understand the power showing up for my success & my business and more importantly raising my wealth consciousness. And I want to give you that gift. The gift of clarity & direction.  

I have coupled my 3 years of personal development & self-transformation training with my business coaching training to bring you this program. So that you can no longer wonder where to go next. So that you can show up for the woman of your dreams. So that you can give to the world your own true gifts. So that you can succeed faster without going coucou...

Are you ready?


💛A Defined Brand To Attract Your Soul Clients & Work With Purpose
💛A Polished Brand Identity Packet To Consistently Guide You Through Your Journey
💛A Signature Coaching Package Which Solves Your Client's Problems At The Right Price.
💛More Confidence In Marketing & Selling Your Packages
💛A Re-Framed Implementation Strategy To Set Yourself Up As An Expert
💛 Higher Wealth Vibrations
💛More Clarity, Joy & Freedom "this is what we all want most

But there’s one catch! It’s NOT for the faint of heart! It’s intense!! “scotch bonnet pepper intense”!!


Module 1 - Mastering Money & Wealth Consciousness

  • Get clear on your current money story & your core beliefs revolving money
  • Intensive money block clearing session to eliminate all resistance & develop a way forward structure.
  • Develop feel good mentality towards attracting & receiving wealth
  • Setting yourself up for receiving money without resistance or fear.

Module 3 - Defining Your Brand & Visual Appeal

  • Gain clarity on your brand identity & what it stands for 
  • Define your physical brand to ensure that the messaging is clear within your "brand entities - website,logo,colors, etc"
  • Set up the mood for personal infusion into your branding visual "photo shoot definition & action"

Module 5 - Developing Your Online Presence 

  • Begin to create & grow your online presence with a simple yet consisted marketing plan & streamlined targeting
  • Ensure that you are taking inspired action in attracting the right clients to you
  • Set up your sales pages & website copy to reflect benefits & proposes action taking
  • Set up your master lead magnet & lead generation strategy

Module 2 - Clarifying Your Messaging & Ideal Client

  • Get clear on who you're meant to serve, your messaging and how you're going to serve them
  • Understand the core of your ideal client challenges and why you're the right person to support them
  • Define your ideal client desired results & what packages you're going to offer to them
  • Set clear expectations of how you're going to connect with your ideal client.

Module 4 - Creating Success Systems & Structures

  • Get organised for increased success in your business
  • Create your business hub, plan, and goals, client attracting systems
  • Set up an effective time management structure for maximizing your efforts & increasing focus 

Module 6 - Making Selling & Booking Clients FUN!

  • Get soulful & confident selling your packages
  • Go through a simple sales mastery conversation structure for increased conversions
  • Learn how to utilize easy converting sessions into recurring & long term clients
  • Set up your client booking systems with more clarity & ease 


Business coaching Mastermind VIP.png



  • A business with a success plan, mission & vision
  • A business which attracts the right clients to it
  • A business with clearly defined goals & equally matching strategy
  • A business which serves from a place of inspiration & not stress
  • A business which grows it's success with confidence
  • A business which gives you the freedom based lifestyle you desire

Getting the high level support I needed was the ABSOLUTE BEST thing I needed to help me grow not only my focus, but also my momentum & success I desired in my business.It felt scary, but my RIO has no pricetag!

 And now, I create & book clients, host coaching group intensives from a place of excitement & confidence & no longer from a place of "what if I fail" & fear. 

I spend my time enjoying life instead of sitting in Facebook groups & online trying to figure out what to do next

I've coached  20+ clients in the past 3 months alone

And I no longer hesitate to a book trip to my next destination without thinking where my next bill payment will come from

this is what freedom looks to me

And I Know That You're Desiring That Life Too

Business training for new coaches

Are You Ready To Make That Choice To Freedom?

Whether You Are In A Corporate Job, Self-Employed, Desire To Start Your Own Coaching Or Service Based Business, A New Coach, An Early Stage; But Don't Have The Courage To Show Up For The Woman You Desire To Be, This Is Where It Ends.

And If You're Tired Of Doing It All On Your Own & You're Ready To Invest In The Support You Need To Grow Your Business, Then This Is It.

Give Yourself The Chance To Fully Live On Your Own Terms. Maybe That Means Moving To Paris, Or Travelling The World, Or Simply Baking Beautiful Cakes...Start With You.  Make Your Own Happiness Your Priority.Make FREEDOM Your Desired Feeling.


You May Be Feeling A Little Nervous. And Chances Are You've Thought The Entire Time How Your Life Can Be; How You Desire It To Be. Let’s Create It. Only You Have The Power To Make That Choice. Only You Have The Power To Show Up & Give YOU To YOU...

And You Are About To Step Into A Grand Journey Where You Won’t Be Able To Hide Any Longer, Where You Will Create The Woman You Have Defined To Become, Where You Will Be  Able To Create A Stand Out Business.
And It's Going To Be One Beautiful Transformation...

Are you ready to


Gold Line.png

If all of the above reflects your desires,and you're more then excited to begin, click the let's do this button below to request a clarity call to get you started..