"Everything was great, life was awesome, and then BAM!”

This happened (I lost my job, my relationship, my apartment got mold & I had a debt collector blowing up my phone as if he was my boyfriend). But I'm so glad it did because I learned that the life I was living wasn’t actually defined by me & it wasn’t where I wanted to be, and now THIS is happening (I have an amazing apartment filled with daily fresh air, I’m in love with myself so much deeper than before, I launched my own coaching business and have taught & worked with hundreds of women globally either through my workshops or privately 1:1 and my relationship with money is so much more abundant than I ever thought possible)."


 Hi I'm Menellia and up until the age of 27 “not too long ago” I still didn't know what my life purpose was. And you’re probably wondering why am I sharing with you this story instead of a “I made 6 figures after quitting my 9-5 job story”. Well that hasn’t happened.

You see after spending 2 years of rebuilding, seeking clarity and working on my self-discovery journey, I was able to find the confidence I needed to follow my own life path. Through launching my own business, I've shown hundreds of women around the globe how to let go of the own limitations & pains in order to create a life of more pleasure, more direction and more depth.And the passion that I developed in that area magnetized them to my brand.

However, one of the major constraints I faced for the first 2 years of my journey to a living joyful life whilst building a brand was thinking that I needed someone else to give me permission to enjoy a pleasurable life, to say yes to wanting to explore life's experiences, that spending time with me was #loserville & thought that someone else had to always be present, that before going after my BOLDEST goals I needed validation, that spending hundreds of dollars on me was well a waste.... and being stressed constantly was “normal” because everyone was going through it. And you're probably experiencing the same just like some of the women I've worked with.  But it was all possible because today booking a trip to Paris does not make my heart rate quadruple to cardiac arrest level, that putting on cafe jazz on a Sunday morning whilst reading my favourite fashion and lifestyle blogs is not crazyily weird, that sitting in front of a camera teaching hundreds of women about crafting daily bliss isn't so farfetched after all.. If I can say yes to me so can you!


I have replaced waking up every morning with dread that I had to put on a fake smile for hours to the world when inside I'm crying for help with an actual real joyful smile. I have replaced sweeping my hair off the floor from stress levels through the roof with ease on an afternoon. I've replaced chronic migraines 10 times a month with the occasional twice a year "because there are those days". I've replaced constant fatigue and with healthy energy and emotional wealth.

And I know that you're here because everything I've mentioned above you've connected to because you're still here. Yes your desire is to create an impact in the world with your business, yet right now you feel completely disconnected. You feel that you need to place yourself into a generic box as everybody else. Which is why I know that you're in the right place. Just like the corporate woman who spent 5 hours with me because she felt that she kept saying yes to everyone else with exhaustion; like the entrepreneur who felt that she would never be able to make her business goals a reality after 5 years of trying; like the woman who got tired of holding unto a draining relationship in the hopes that one day it will all fall into place. You're here because you're ready for that next chapter of your life and being completely authentic in your business positioning will help you create that. The healthy chapter where you lead a with balance, confidence and direction and you make no apologies about it!

I am a business message clarity coach BUT EVERYTHING I do and teach revolves around your core story! Who are you and what do you really want. So if you’re tired of holding back parts of you in your messaging, and you’re committed to letting go of the stress, guilt and overwhelm of wanting to be fully you in order to confidently grow your business; then you’re in the right place. And my core mission is to support 10,000 new coaches & other service female entrepreneurs create more bliss in their life through harnessing the power of their business sweet spots!

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