Don't let your disconnection,money or fear hold you back darling! Get going right now & start taking action with one of these courses!

The Desires Mini Course.png

Fellow Goal Digger. There's NOTHING holding you back from absolute clarity & a kick ass mindset to back it up. In this  1 hour training, we nail that down! Grab your glass of wine, and get started TODAY!

Millionaire Mindset training.png

My lovely budding coach! Yes you can have that rockstar millionaire mindset on par from the onset. This training walks you through 8 pillars to creating an unshakeable CEO ATTITUDE towards your business! 

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22 Experienced entrepreneurs created  a bundle to support you in skipping the overwhelm and mistakes we made in building our businesses.If you're a budding business babe, check out this rock star BUDDING BUSINESS BUNDLE!


This "6 Week " Immersive Course Which Leads You Into Stepping Into Your full Power, Creating More Balance, Alignment & Flow In Your Life Alongside Your High Achieving Career Or Business! My Philosophy Is That A Woman Should Now Have To Trade In Her  Joy For Success, Because Balance Between Your Feminine & Masculine is In Fact Possible! Are You Available To Ease My Love? 

Metamorphosis Gives You Access To:

  • 6 Structured Modules Which Allows You In Creating More Passion Driven Goals With Ease, As You Overcome Your Limitations & Release The Energy Zappers And Embracing Your Full Femininity!
  • 2 Live Group Coaching "With Hot Seat" Q & A Sessions With Menellia 
  • Personalized Reviews Of Your Work & Accountability Tracking "Optional"
  • Complete 6 Week Framework & Online Curriculum
  • Videos, Workbooks, & Guides For Your Success Acceleration In A Secured Hub
  • Private Community Access
  • Bonus Joie De Vivre Toolkit For Mastering The Art Of Everday Balance & Feminine Groundness

Coming Soon!

Yes Elegant Success CAN Be Made Fun & Sexy!