Courageously Renew You In 4 Weeks

Tired of hitting the pause button on your life?Lack the confidence you need to become your higher self? Need to set more effective goals? 

Take immediate action towards creating a life you love. Towards building the confidence you need to face your fears. Taking your challenges head on and learning from them.  During our time together we will declutter & sharpen your mindset for better strategy & growth. We will address your internal & external blocks & set aligned personal goals so that you can begin to live woth more joy.

Foundations Of The Package

1. Taking Stock, Clearing Out Clutter In Your Life

Who we are now & who we want to become. Before you setting off a strategy to creating your abundant life, you need to truly understand & differentiate between the two & create alignment in accordance to your higher self. By asking yourself the right questions, tapping into your past,taking yourself apart & really viewing from the outside. Hence revealing your full self.

2. Acknowledging & Nurturing Barriers

Give yourself the fair chance of viewing your internal & external limitations & biggest challenges currently being faced, by becoming someone outside of yourself. If you were to describe what limiting beliefs YOU are facing, what would these be.For me, it was self doubt.And it kept me stuck in a circle for a long time. During this session you will be guided to becoming fully aware of your fears, doubts, limiting beliefs & discouragements "both physical & emotional;

3.Leading Your Life With Restored Confidence & Self Love

The power of I AM. Most of us are unaware that the words we think & speak out loud dictate our current situations.As harmless as it may seem, they add up  a whole lot & leads us to very high wall of negative self talk. Let's change your language and give power to those empowering ones by creating willingness to the power of I AM. 

4. Defining Your Ultimate Vision & Setting Yourself up For Success

Now that you've gotten full self clarity, it's time to take action & create with purpose. What's your next step? We will be creating opportunities for your successful life. You will be designing your success-map & you will be creating your future. It might require you to do a few things outside of your norm, but trust me it's also a very exciting journey.

I will guide you into:

  • Clearing Clutter & Gaining Clarity On Your WHO
  • Detoxing Your Life Of Toxic Relationships,Habits,Energy Zappers
  • Taking Stock Of What's Happening Currently (Emotions & Physical)
  • Self Discovery Path  For Internal Blocks (Facing Your Hidden Elephants,Taking Stock)
  • Beginning Your Self Development Journey (Unsticking Yourself & Renewing YOU)
  • Creating A Mindset Map For Success - Unconscious Mind Training Tool
  • Prosperity Consciousness Analysis & Redesign
  • Personal SWOT Analysis "understanding your points of improvements" & 
  • Creating Fulfilling Personal  Goals  & Desire Map - Designing Your Outcome.
  • Creating Your Vision & Planning Out Your HOW
  • Creating Daily Success Habits For Continuous Growth

Investment - US$997

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I know the difference having 1:1 support makes not just in the results you can achieve, but how quickly you can achieve them.That's why as your coach I am your goal keeper,I am your cheeleader, and I will hold you hand & be your support system every step of the journey.


What’s Included In Your 4 Week Mentorship:

4 45 min coaching sessions
Training Pack
2 weeks of unlimited email support post coaching
Feel good Mindset Conditioning Plan & Action Plan
Customised resources to help you attain faster results
Call recording & notes

By The end of these 4 weeks, you will feel like a self defined women, full of the confidence & the redesigned mindset you need to lead out your dreams. Take charge & make that time now.. because your desirous life is waiting.

Want to make sure the Renew You mentorship is right for you?

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