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It's time to ditch Your Fears, Overwhelm & Discouragement

Are You Ready To Define & Create Your Desired Life & Business?

What would it mean to you if you could awaken your confidence?To give yourself the chance to live fully. to show up for your dreams every single day without guilt?

to live a life where you refuse to accept that this is all there is, because

you know deep down that you are capable & worthy of so much more

you are tired of hiding in the shadows,masking your dreams, holding back your desires

you are ready to step into your greatness, to harvest your full potential, to be a radical contributor to the world, and to live your most desirous life

Welcome To The Courageous Society Mentorship Program

For Women Who Are Ready To Uplevel Their Lives

This elite package is an online business coaching program coupled up with my life desire coaching program for the woman who craves more ongoing support, whilst bringing down the pillars  holding her back as she creates the life of her dreams. The lady who is committed & will NO LONGER SETTLE for less than she deserves.No more self doubt, no more sabotage but instead an enlightening journey towards creating your success.

I'm sure you've experienced your highs in life and then to be hit with a blow never seen before. A plateau maybe, but you just can't seem to get back on track. Your life seems blocked by an invisible wall of overwhelm,fear,discouragement,and lack of clarity on HOW you are going to get out...

During our time together, we will take you on a journey to self discovery in order to really tackle your internal blocks before handling the external factors.

As your coach I am here to hold your hand every step of the way. To ensure than you remain on track. To ensure that you don't slip back into the depths after reaching a milestone.. 

that's the beauty of this mentorship program

I am Your cheerleader

If you're ready to rebuild your confidence,reclaim your life and create your business with better mindset structure,then this is it.

Success Coach

I know what it feels like..

because i've been exactly where you are. 5 years ago my life was completely directionless. & I was basically alive, but not fully living. I dreaded going to my 9-5, I hated doing anything fun unless I was with a "group", and I never took a leap of faith. I was sure of one thing though,

and that was wanting more. But I was too afraid to even try to venture into places I knew nothing about, due to failing. here's a quick breakdown of my life  below:


5 years ago

  • Broke girl & in debt
  • No goals
  • Stressed 1000%
  • Never experienced life offerings
  • Searching for a job
  • Almost homeless
  • Lacked confidence
  • Doubted my abilities
  • Chronic migraines
  • No belief in my abilities
  • Afraid of judgement,failing and succeeding
  • Depressed
  • No direction...


  • A women empowered blog with monthly contributors
  • High rated podcast
  • Worked with multiple international brands
  • Huffington Post contributor
  • Lifestyle columnist for local print mag
  • Vacations in France and the Caribbean
  • Clarity & Peace of mind
  • Live speaking engagements
  • Live bespoke coaching lunches with women
  • Successful coaching business

If you're tired of hiding, and you're tired of trying to do it all on your own using programs, freebies and no direction then you're in the right place.If you need someone who's actually gone through the depths of despair, the depression, the fears, the limiting beliefs of not being good enough..

As a self development & success coach I will graceously hold your hand and support you as you find the clarity you need to create a life & online business clarity you have been desiring, then you’re in the right spot...

If you've always dreamed of

  • taking control of your success
  • building the courage you need to live fully
  • ridding yourself of fear & limiting beliefs to go the extra mile
  • setting more passion driven goals to embrace all you've been missing
  • launching your business & creating impact doing what you love
  • creating opportunities for yourself & financial security
  • overcoming mindset blocks & living a positive lifestyle
  • living your true purpose & leaving your mark
  • creating your own coaching business
  • launching your service packages
  • and more...

Then you're in the right place

What You Get In Your Courageous Society Mentorship?

Your Self Discovery Interview  - Understanding  your challenges and a the precise areas we need to focus on during our relationship.This includes deep diving into the unconcious mind,learning what beliefs have beef planted & redefining these beliefs to serve you. This may be a vulnerable spot, but true breakthrough is discovered during these sessions. During that time we will also set personal goals which will guide your success path in business. 
Personalised 1 x 1 Coaching With Menellia - Inclusive of 9 hours of call time and weekly email support & communication. 
Success Packet - To help you get super specific on where you are NOW & where you want to be. Outlining your goals for clearer impact is imperative for growth
Feel Good Mindset & Self Conditioning  Blueprint -For Daily Growth & Focus.It's important to set a system for your self care "physical, emotional & mental" every day for maximum potential
Proposal For Action - Based on your goals, I will help you develop a blueprint solution tailored to your specific needs,goals and areas wanting to  improve for the following 3 months. 
Business Mastery Strategy - This session begins in month 2 of your coaching stream. We will set out clear cut business goals and develop your plan for your new or current business. 
Action Items - You will receive access to your call recordings & notes for effective action taking, as well as customized action sheets based on our call findings. 
Guided Support  - Of course, as your new partner I will be holding your hand as we create your new life & business, throughout & via email 1 month beyond the end of our coaching stream.
Connect & Collaborate - Growing your online business is always fun, but it's more fun when you have a mastermind at your side. Connect with other women in this program & collaborate as you grow your businesses together. 

Courageous Society Mentorship Not Only Gives You A Chance To Create Your Dream Business,But Also Redefine The Woman You Want To Become

And Your Coaching Is Tailored Specific To YOU!

 The Mentorship Modules

On Feminine Self & Mindset Mastery Focuses

  • Self Discovery Path  For Internal Blocks (Facing Your Hidden Elephants)
  • Beginning Your Self Development Journey (Unsticking Yourself & Renewing YOU)
  • Creating A Mindset Map For Success - Unconscious Mind Training Tool
  • Personal SWOT Analysis, What Are Your Unique Strengths, Abilities "get clear"
  • Creating Fulfilling Personal  Goals  & Desire Map
  • Defining YOU and YOUR Big Vision, Your Desires
  • Identify What It Is In Your Life That Is Making You Feel Doubtful, Stuck Or Confused And How To Move Forward From That.
  • Increasing Your Confidence In Driving Your Business Forward

Creating A Mindset & System For Success

  • Money Mindset Mastery
  • Scheduling  your tasks like a successful C.E.O.
  • Time Management Mastering And Delegating Like A Professional.
  • Learn To Confidently Charge Your Worth
  • Selling Confidently By Setting Yourself Up As An Expert
  • Copy-writing With Better Clarity & Structure For Results

Set Yourself & Your Busienss Up For Success

  • Business Clarity & SWOT Analysis Conduction
  • Personal Branding Development (Message,Vision,Mission, Correspondence)
  • Defining Your USP (What makes you unique) + Your Soul Client Outline
  • Creating Your Business Plan For Full Focus 
  • Creating Your Signature Package In Accordance To Your Ideal Life & Goals, and Client Pain-Points
  • Marketing Plan For Attracting, Nurturing  & Engaging Your Prospects
  • Become A Social Expert & Schedule Your Social Profiles, Email Marketing For Better Relationship Building & Positioning
  • Content Generation Map For Nurturing Your Prospects

Creating A Balanced Lifestyle 

  • Learn The Importance Of Slowing Down & Living Without The Hustler Syndrome
  • Creating your divine me time like classy women do "without the guilt syndrome"
  • Learn The Power of Saying NO & Why It's Imperative To Self Love & Overall happiness
  • Increase Your Energy Levels By Identifying Your Energy Zappers & Worry Warts
  • Increase Your Self-Esteem, Self-Care And Self-Love - So You Can Effectively Run An Empire


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Your 90 Day Mentorship Delivery

  • Welcome Packet For Coaching Success
  • 1 90 minute call
  • 8 45 mins Calls
  • Customized Mindset Success & Business Development Packet
  • Personal Growth Blueprint
  • Email Access To Me For Continuous Support Outside Of Our Coaching Sessions
  • Session Recordings + Action Notes

What Could You Accomplish In
The Next 90 Days?

  •  Specific business and lifestyle desires and goals
  • A solidified business blueprint for the next 90 days
  • A foundational structure & system allowing you growth in your business
  • A tailored website & social media board reflecting your brand message, vision & purpose
  • A defined brand to attract your soul clients & work with purpose
  • A clarified blueprint of your ideal client
  • A business hub allowing you to focus on working ON your business & not in it 90% of the time
  • A realigned mindset to take your business goals into effect
  • Clear sales & enrollment process to fill your program & services
  • An actionable, locked in  marketing plan designed for your business growth
  • New money beliefs & habits for attracting & creating wealth
  • More confidence in making yourself visible in your industry
  • Action steps in place for building your list, increading visibility & creating your own community
  • A simplified system to setting up your email automation sequence for nurturing your list & clients
  • A signature package & a streamlined process for improving success
  • More energy & zeal  to live out your desires
  • Increased self care 
  • And more...

Mastermind coaching program

Let's Create Your  Beautiful Life

If You have An Unspoken desire within you that you're dying to call out, and the time has come to release your voice & sing your best song. If you're ready to reprogram your subconscious mind, set your best aligned goals, and create a lifestyle reflecting your dreams.then this program is for you.

Note that I insert a lot of energy into the growth of my clients,therefore it is really important for me to work with women who are ready to invest the time and energy for this program. Also,this coaching program is a 12 WEEK investment both time wise & financial wise,therefore;in order to ensure I take on clients who are fully invested in the growth of their businesses no matter the required work,this program is available by application only

The Courageous Society Investment: 3 Months + US$2,500

*payment options available*

Want to make sure the mentorship is right for you?

Click below to request your Clarity Call now to discuss if working together is a good fit for your goals. Or email any questions about the mentorship or booking your Clarity Call to