4 Quick Ways To Relieve Stress & Anxiety

Stress and Anxiety are common. Whether you're a biz woman, blogger, career gal, mamma...we all have it sometimes and it's should not be ignored. Specking from experience I know the level of physical pain neglecting your overwhelming stress levels can cause. From neck stiffness to migraines I've personally felt them. And as a recovering workaholic, "recovering"' I have learned some very effective and quick ways to relieve myself of the extra chitter chatter going on, the to-do list overwhelms and cultivated more elegant success in my life. 

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How to set boundaries with your clients?

Feeling like you're giving away your services & your time for free? If you're a new or early stage coach, you're probably going through the exciting phase of client booking where you're 'GIVING FOR FREE, YET FEELING LIKE A DOORMAT". So how do you uplevel your mindset & your habits in order to match the vibration of the ideal clients you desire to work with as well as the business you want to build?

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How I Used The Law Of Attraction To Change My Lifestyle!

Have you ever wondered why some people have EVERYTHING going on for them whilst you're on the sideline wishing and hoping that just this one time "you too can get what you're desiring?"

I know that feeling too until I discovered the law of attraction and the power of raising my vibration and mindset. Over the past 4 years' alongside my transformation, I have been studying this law and the other laws which follows "but we'll get into that later" because I noticed that things started to fall into place for me after I started to practice "think the thought and see it happen". 

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How To Set A Clear Concise Vision For Your Life & Business "Goalsetting 101"

Setting a goal can be so exciting from the onset but why do many persons experience the drains of "unfulfillment" whilst going through the motions of goal achievement.? In this class I will share with you why it's important to set in place goals which 

  1. Are in alignment with your core emotional state "or desired emotional state"
  2. Are in alignment with the different areas of your life "business, relationships, 
  3. Are enthusiastic to manifest. 
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