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How To Set A Clear Concise Vision For Your Life & Business "Goalsetting 101"

Setting a goal can be so exciting from the onset but why do many persons experience the drains of "unfulfillment" whilst going through the motions of goal achievement.? In this class I will share with you why it's important to set in place goals which 

  1. Are in alignment with your core emotional state "or desired emotional state"
  2. Are in alignment with the different areas of your life "business, relationships, 
  3. Are enthusiastic to manifest. 
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How To Get Motivated When You're Stuck In A Rut

If you find yourself in the same square tile for too long, it's an indication that something in your strategic plan is not functioning as it should and that you should do something about it. Take a genuine account of stock, ask questions and identify where and what you keep finding yourself returning too. And then figure out how to move on from there. 

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