How To Get Clarity Right Now Using A Simple And Effective Process

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Have you ever fasted? And I'm not only talking about the fast where you give up foods for a day but beyond that. We fill up our minds and bodies with so much gunk on a constant basis it's no wonder that our lives feels cluttered & empty, our minds feels foggy and our bodies lack energy. 

The good news is that we can totally fix that. For the past 52 days “I counted" I've been being more mindful and intentionally about what I absorb and create. Yes when I began 2018 I reflected on where I wanted to be with my business and life and where I'd been lacking over the past year. It seems that with all the social media posting, and content generating and mindless going, I fell into the trap of not being "intentional enough or meaningful for that matter". What does that even mean?

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If you read my post on how it took my 5 years to free myself from depression and deplete you probably know that I was not going through my metamorphorsis in the right way. And it drained me to the point of my having to get a life coach as well as a success coach because yes your girl also works on herself as she supports you in working on YOU!. I spend 10 weeks just working on me and nothing elese; "hence the lack of content spewing" and a gruesome 4 hour debrief session of my year which  was mindblowing. The summary " I lacked major control of my life in 2017"

Here's what I learned after 10 weeks of pleasurable service to myself 

  1. My definition of success is not what I'd been trying to create
  2. I don't have to do it all the same as the others in my industry 'in fact I am COMPLETELY  different with my approach to coaching"
  3. And I don't have to have it all figured out and going on automatic all the time. 

And neither should you. Whether you're a career girl, business babe, or stay at home mom, you can also be more intentional, have more meaning, feel more energised more whatever it is that you want to be or feel in life. So my question for you today are

  1. What is that feeling do you find yourself constantly experiencing lately
  2. How can you change that by adding more meaning in your life?

Quite simple, but provides major instrospection. Because what we've been working so hard to create sometimes turns out NOT being what we really truly want. Take a look at the areas of your life you're constantly feeling depleted, foggy, cluttered etc, and ask yourself, how can I shift that? What do I need to eliminate and what do I need to add more of. And than more importantly " take an action step" TODAY!

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Until next time.

xx Menellia