What to do if you keep missing your goals...

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As you know your goals should be SMART- Specific to who you are and what you want,Measurable - you must be able to anticipate what it will feel like when you achieve that goal. The emotion. Attainable- Do you have resources needed to achieve that goal? Or are you going to create them. Relevant - Is it really tailored to you, your values, your personality?. And Time bound - Can you set a deadline and stick to it!! I have put together a bonus workbook & a goal setting planner to help you really redefine & identify your goals as SMART ones for 2017. If you're really into executing the ones you've already set then that's super awesome.

However,if you're doubtful or questioning a few,here's your chance to revisit them before getting started.

But here's the thing, setting & writing SMART goals are NOT enough.. Setting SMART goals & being enthusiastic about it is not enough to realise them. There is a secret ingredient & today I'm sharing it with you in today's podcast.You will find out WHY you keep missing your target & what you can do about it.

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Until next time. xx Bisous Menel