How To Create A Quiz To Build Your Email List In A Day

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The norm of online business visibility strategy is to use webinars, Facebook lives, and Youtube videos to really push your value out there. But sometimes, your potential clients forget coming on after signing up, never confirm their emails, or get lost in translation with all the draining webinars.

So how do you ensure that you 1 - CONNECT with the soul of your community and 2 - deliver KICKASS VALUE at the same time? A QUIZ!

Yes my lady bosses, you read that right. I know you're probably thinking that a quiz can be so boring and basic and won't give you the chance to deliver the real value of your business to your clients. But I combat that. 

Most businesses are run on  "social" platforms which translates to "major interaction". And do you remember how fun it was to sit on Facebook, take a quiz maybe titled "what city should you be living in - I usually got the response Paris"?And the truth is, many persons still enjoy taking quizzes because well it's fun and easy. And the most surprising truth is using quizzes are a great and ACCURATE tool to categorise your potential client into different nurturing pools.

Last year, I started growing my list using pdf guides and challenges. And it worked. Then I moved into webinars, but it was draining to prepare and to execute.Now don't get me wrong, I still use these avenues, but I'm an online coach who loves conducting market research and getting to know the soul of my potential clients BEFORE launching a product in my suit. Which is why, this time around I started to use a different approach to deliver a great and high quality solution to my community so that they can take immediate action and at the same time build that community into empowering relationships. And this the

"Which Growth Hindering Feminine Being Quiz" using the Interact Quiz Builder was created. Here's how I worked it around to ensure that I delivered that High Quality Output in a couple hours! TIP - HIT THE IMAGE TO TAKE THE QUIZ!


This was the most imperative step for me. What result I wanted from this and how to make is very intuitive.I wanted the quiz to reflect the overall branding "message and brand elements", as well have a title that sold that message. Then I designed 2 solutions for my quiz outcome. One grabbing a lead and two delivering an EXPERT TALK to my potential client so that she can actually start taking an action step to her solution. I kept it simple and chose  2 responses. The woman who is exhausted and tired of remaining in scarcity and drains and the woman who knew what she desired but needed a boost to take the next step to receive it. I called the them "The Hopeful Nice Girl Who's Ready To Say Hello To Her Unapologetic Elegant Soul & The Exhausted People Pleaser With A Hint Of Burnt Out Bitch".<< Wink"All this was made easy via the branding and styling segment of the Interact Quiz Builder!


This step was quite simple to implement and thankfully the Interact Quiz Builder gives you the opportunity to integrate your mailing list and nurture sequence with ease using the zapier platform. First, I created the group in Mailchimp, then created a zap using the Zapier, and then integrated the tool with my quiz on the platform. After which I designed my results landing page on my website and nurture email sequence in Mailerlite.I chose Mailerlite instead of Mailchimp here because I already had a full nurture email sequence prepared for my list on there.


This step was quite easy since I decided to keep it very simple with the results. In here I designed my questions, mapped it out with the results landing pages, based on responses. The one thing I would suggest here is to be ensure that your questions flow in sequence in order to reveal an accurate as possible result. 


Of course darling you wanna ensure that you make your quiz visible. Here I used my website "on a seperate landing page - you can check it out here", Designed social shareable images and videos for my Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest, and I made mention of it in my weekly coffee chat videos as the call to action. Quite simple. Of course, these quiz will remain ongoing and lead into my bigger funnels and value filled nurture sequence.

So if you've have you been thinking of an easier, or more you approach to delivering more value AND grow your community or potential client list for business, have you thought of trying the Interact Quiz Builder?It's fun, easy, cost effective and very importantly it's a no hassle ways of marketing your business especially if you're new or still growing your confidence to show up as an expert in your industry. If you love to try it hit here!

p.s. Here's An Easy Video Walkthrough Below!

xx Menellia

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