A Simple & Effective 3 Step Strategy To Remain Motivated

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Let's rewind for a bit back to March; a mere 6 months from making my decision to go career mode with my mindset  & blog coaching services. When I thought that if I followed all the rules, followed the preset guidlines everything would have panned out as expected. But if there was one valuable lesson I have learnt during the year 2016 is that "if you build it, they MIGHT NOT come" and motivation DOES NOT LAST!! At all. That you have to continuously pushing yourself, building your mindset and engaging in inspiring acts in order to keep that momentum active. 

And then there's the failure part. How do you even start to face it when you feel overshadowed by all the negatives and drowning in nothingness. There's a way. But the reality remains that these circumstances will continuously surface. You will be challenged. You will be backed up against a wall. And you will feel drained from repeatedly working your ass of to that forward momentum. Because if you want to succeed, motivation along with commitment works hand in hand. 

In today's podcast episode I reshare my story, elaborate on these pointers as well as share some new ones that could possibly help you get out of the slump and remain motivated. So if you feel stuck and require a gentle reminder... welcome to Le Personal Development Cafe's Episode 13: Motivation Doesn't Last - It's Earned!! 

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