How to set boundaries with your clients?

How to Set Boundaries with coaching clients [Pulling the Plug].png

Setting boundaries in your business is soooo so important when it comes to respecting your time, stress levels, and yourself for that matter. And if you're feeling like you're giving away your services & your time for free it's time to change that.

As a new or early stage coach, you're probably going through the exciting phase of client booking where you're 'GIVING FOR FREE, YET FEELING LIKE A DOORMAT", and right now you're questioning how do I shift from like to expert status? How do you uplevel your mindset & your habits in order to match the vibration of the ideal clients you desire to work with as well as the business you want to build? Well in today's episode we're gonna be covering exactly that especially setting boundaries with

  1. Your systems
  2. Your time
  3. Your money

Yes, this important because if you're constantly playing small & hiding in the shadows in the name of "growing your know like and trust factor" you will find it so much more difficult to build the business & success mindset required for upleveling. 

BONUS TIP: It is not your job to convince your ideal client that they want to change their situation!They MUST want it more than you do! <<< TWEET THIS


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