How To Create A Life Goal For Yourself!

How To Create A Life Goal For Yourself! #goalsetting #selfgrowth #successhabits.png

Comfort...something we are all so fond of. If give us joy, some form of clarity... or the lack of it thereof.. Life was not given to us to be mediocre. It was given to us so that we could create the grandest vision possible for ourselves. It was given to create opportunities, to create experiences and to be lived fully. But what happens when our comfort zones holds our freedom hostage? Fear and a lack of living fully.... In episode 10 of the personal development cafe, we start with the basis of understanding that our comfort zones....

 xoxo Menellia 


Of course these are just the tip of the iceberg hitting that reset button when you’re completely over it; whether in your life, career or business. When you’re sensing a quarter-life crisis coming up and the fear starts to kick into high gear. When you’re fearing oh dear….did I miss out on my life trying to please everyone else with an outside persona, there will always be a way to find your way back to that path.

And personally I believe that they fall under 4 pillars “Mindset, Attitude, Presence & Support” which can be expanded so much wider if you would love to create lasting change in your life. That’s why I’ve recorded this masterclass for you where I go deeper into these pillars so that you can start implementing them today.

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