What Does It Take To Become A Fully Empowered Woman?

Are you as excited as I am for this week and for this month? May started off with a bang and the past weekend was soo very active. YES! Including me screaming my ass off in release. 

On Saturday I held my first lunch & coaching session of the year here in St.Lucia with 2 gorgeous ladies "here's a sneak peak"


And then on Sunday spent some major time behind the scenes of a new course i'll be putting out very soon "stay tuned" to support you in experiencing a powerful metamorphosis as I did over the past 5 years! Which brings me to YOU & why this message is geared towards you NO LONGER BEING AVAILABLE TO PLAY SMALL!

On Sunday I realised something I EVEN AFTER ALL THIS TIME WAS STILL PLAYING SMALL!" And I woke up with such a fire in my belly I couldn't help but scream out the excitement and powerful feminine energy that was brewing for the longest while. You see I have been on this coaching journey for literally 1 year and as the year has progressed I have made some major investments in myself and my business to ensure that I am showing up in fully. And I will admit that there were still times when I doubted myself because well, I am human. BUT the great thing is "I always catch it" because I am aware of the identity I embody. 

My darling, as women, we love playing this victim role, or we're too nice by being the ULTRA YES PLEASING GIRL, or we're try to overcompensate for our lack of confidence in our abilities to sour so we're mean or angry or rough, and you know what happens? We miss out of our gift to fully embody all that is available to us. 

We miss out on giving ourselves full permission to take the next aligned step to our greatness. We skip out being in our sensual zone where we are living a love affair with ourselves. We skip out setting important boundaries we need to be fully grounded and to serve on purpose. Essentially we have pretty much opened ourselves up to ACCEPTING ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING, EVEN IF IT DOESN'T SERVE US!

Now for the good news! YOU CAN CHANGE THAT! YES! YOU CAN!

Do you know how many women are unaware that they can actually give themselves the permission to work on them? To create the life they desire? To start the business they want? To choose the clients they work with? To create the career that they can thrive in? To love themselves unapologetically?

We've been taught that saying yes to US is selfish or vain in nature and that we're supposed to put others first! Well I call BS on that because the raw honest truth! If you don't give yourself permission to claim your full power, NO-ONE IS GOING TO DO IT FOR YOU & what's more everyone is going to expect you to remain in this specific lack bracket & so will you! 


Watch yesterday's chat on what does it truly mean to become a fully empowered woman below


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Until Next Time

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