Setting A Success Intention

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I am so excited today & I wanna share that energy with you today because you are about to make major things happen for your life & business...... Like for real my love. Last night I went to bed on a high note after my tapping session around removing confidence blocks. And this morning I woke up with a burst of energy 'sans alarm clock"...

And I know that you are probably feeling drained and frustrated questioning "well it's another month and I NEED to make this happen". But let's take a different approach shall we.

I find that when we take action from  place of resistance we bring along so much forceful & negative energy into the mix because we're filled with doubt, fear and desperation. And feminine energy does not roll that way.

Feminine energy comes from a place of divine guidance and calm. And this is what we'll be doing today. Setting your intentions for the upcoming months from a place of calm inspiration.

So right now, stop whatever you're doing, "the go go go hustle mode" and take a 5 minute break just to absorb all the feel good energy the universe has to offer. If you're afraid that there is not enough clients, enough money, enough success out there for you, it's your fear speaking & it's time to redefine these words.

Change your environment, go outside, take a warm shower or bath "with some chamomile & green Tea Epson salt- my fav" and allow yourself to relax, allow yourself to breath in and receive all the success you desire...Physical self care is essential to our succeeding and if you  haven't been making it a priority, it's time set that intention. 

When you're relaxed, continue from where you left off BUT with renewed energy & excitement as apposed to stress, frustration & doubt.

So what do you need to do now? How can you bring your best self into the mix moving forward?

From the summary of one of my fave books ' The science of getting rich" 

Man must form a clear and definite mental image of the things he wishes to have,to do or to become;and he must hold this image in his thought.

So get clear on your intention & hold it with divinity.


xx Menellia

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