Are you underestimating yourself?Here's how a millionaire coach showed me that I was. And it's NOT how you think!

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Bonjour darling, Welcome to another episode of the High Styled Life Cafe. Today I wanna talk to you about something very interesting which occurred about 3 months ago in my business. And maybe you can relate to this. This really took me by surprise because I spent the entire year of 2017 working on my mindset, my business, my foundation etc. But I didn't have much income coming in last year because my main focus wasn't that. And as I entered 2018, I came in with the same attitude. Not mindset. 

I had invested in money coaching, energy coaching, lifestyle coaching, success coaching, mindset coaching. So as a habit, I felt the need to invest once again in a business coach. I had the shiny eye syndrome still and my radar started to go "hey try this new thing". So I applied for a discovery session to join a program with a millionaire coach. I signed up, filled in my application and the day of the call I was ready, prepared and excited. However, when I got on the call I was asked a very interesting question which was "So is it true that you help other coaches?"My response was yes I do. To which she responded, well "unfortunately we won't be able to coach you because you're competition"


Here I was little old me thinking, wtf? Feeling like I had no idea what the fuck I was doing, I was still lost and needed to perfect my brand still but apparently not!Apparently, I was underestimating myself wayyyyyy more than I thought. And I needed this moment, this clarifying moment to make me see this. This is what happens when we get so wrapped up in our fears and our comfort zones. We leap, but we don't leap big enough. We stand back, we play small and the negative nancy in our mind keeps telling us that we still have so much work to do. 

Now I am a huge advocate of investing in yourself. But the lesson learned here was INVEST IN THE RIGHT PLACES! So maybe, you're about to invest in another business coach when what you really need is marketing strategy nailed, or life and mindset vamped up. The point is 'WHY ARE YOU UNDERESTIMATING YOURSELF? Listen to today's episode below and share with us your thoughts. 

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Thanks for joining. 
xx Menellia

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