The Most Powerful Wealth Consciousness Book You MUST Read!

The Most Powerful Wealth Consciousness Book You MUST Read! (1).png

Yes I said wealth and if you're new to the term or fear it, let me break it down for you. Our upbringing defines wealth solely in terms of money. Having richness in material things and thriving off that. And if you lack, then you aren't wealthy.

However, as a success coach for women, I have thrown myself in learning all that I could about wealth and creating it, escpecially when it surrounds the mindset towards wealth. That's my sweet spot. But there was a time when I was so afraid of taking action in my business, booking clients or even giving myself that chance to make a change. UNTIL......I stumbled upon "The Science Of Getting Rich- by Wallace Wattles".

I was hooked. And it made absolute perfect sense. Why we're so engaged in working hard, struggling and saying NO to our desires because well, society says that it's wrong and that you should be humble to just barely enough. 

Well what if I didn't want just barely enough. This is what this book opened me up to. Being fully emotionally immersed in my investment for wanted more wealth. More creative wealth, more emotional wealth and of course, more physical wealth. And then I began to live that. I began than to fully LIVE that life!! And teach it.

Many female bosses and women on the whole who come to me have a huge block when it comes to attaining wealth. And Ipurposely placed this question in my pre-qualifying questionnaire form to better understand their logic towards it. Sadly, there is a HUGE disconnection and I am to help fix that. 

I mean think about it, WHY NOT YOU? Why can't you have more wealth? Who said that you were'nt worthy of it. Who told you that you aren't good enough? Who told you that you can't make it happen. At the beginning of the year I published a post "17 powerful quotes for success this year", but quotes alone and affirmations alone won't create a shift. You have to unlearn the process. You have to unlearn the things you have been ingrained with. The lessons that secretly torment you every day as you struggle for more love, more abundance, more money and more wealth... and reading The Science Of Getting Rich is a first powerful start. 

So tell me, what's your take on wealth? Are you a girlboss, coach, mom at home, service entrepreneur. If you're struggling with receiving more wealth and more abundance in your life, begin with this pdaily wealth building prompt sheet from the cafe lounge. Access For Free Here!

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