I'm Menellia,


a Lifestyle and Business Success Coach For The Corporate Transitioning Woman Who Is Tired Of Being TIRED,and ready to build a business that supports her desires!That's YOU my darling...


I'm an administrative supervisor, turned blogger, turned coach.....and p.s I have a thing for wine..."but then again, who doesn't"? I'm here to help you regain that enthusiasm in your life. To support you in laying the foundational pieces of building your business. To support you in becoming powerful, independent & fulfilled doing something YOU love! If you're ready to regain your energy, and enthusiasm and ready to get crystal clear on your desires and goals then this is your time. Doing more than the "mundane things", as you wish you could create more impact in the world..it's the past.And your desires... it's possible. It's possible to have more joy,more enthusiasm, more excitement in your life AND to build a business which supports these desires..

If you're ready to #coloryourlifeamazing  let's begin putting the right mindset in gear and the right systems in place for more joy and abundance.Fun success is awaiting!!

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I was where you are. Depleted, unworthy, lack of self love, and afraid that this is it! Until I made the decision to own up to my spark..And now it's your turn. I want to give you that. I want you to know that that tingle you're feeling in the pit of your stomach it's real. And it's time to light it up. It's time to light your soul up. I'll teach you what it means to live life the the max right now. I'll teach you what it means to be confident in owning your desires. I'll teach you what it means to start before you're ready...because I've been there & it was hell...

But I found clarity & I found that fire in me to do more.To embrace more. To LIVE more!! And if you're thinking "well that's not for me..make this the last time those thoughts cross your mind. Because IT IS!!" You didn't land on this page by accident. You were searching for something. A sign, a miracle, a string of hope...it's here now and it's yours...Claim it.This is your start to a brand new chapter!!
xx Menellia

your only job is to move the energy in the right direction....
— xx Menellia