Discover The Secret To Building An Instagram Account That Converts!

Most business owners are so overwhelmed by everything that they need to do, that they put little to no thought into connecting with their ideal audience on Instagram.

They know that they should be building their engagement, making themselves seen, they just don't really know how, so they slap some quick photos, quick no thought captions & hashtags which really have nothing to do with their customers on their profiles & then painfully struggle for  months to attract the attention of their dream clients and customers. 

There is a better way. What you choose to share to your audience can make or break the success of your business on Instagram.

CouCou Chérie

  • Do you wish that your Instagram strategy wasn't so frustrating?

  • Do you wish to reach more targeted audience,make yourself more visible & spread your message with better strategy & ease?

  • Do you want to know how to successfully be the face of your brand
  • Ready to learn how to grow engagement & double your following
  • Interested in an Instagram Strategy that will help build engagment
  • To Build your know,like,trust meter in the socialsphere
  • Wanna learn the strategies for finding your instagram branding, making sure it's converting, and reaches more potential clients /audience than the competition

My Account Sneak

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Here's the thing, Instagram not only allows you to reach your targeted audience on a global scale, but it also allows you to be completely yourself "not that you should't always be", in order to resonate with them. With over 600 million active users, 49% of which are brands & 59% spend at least 20 minutes DAILY using the app to leave their mark...your succes is literally in the palm of your hand. 

And ok, you've probably tried, and you're probably frustrated & on the brink of giving up but you no longer need to.. Let's feel your way into the hearts of your audience with the right mindset & strategy. 

During our 2 Hour Srategy Session, I will help you lay the foundation, cleanse your current account and brand your platform to truly reflect your purpose & mission. 

You see, I used to completelyyyyy suck at Instagram one year ago. As a matter of fact, I thought it was just another facebook photo posting app & 11 likes was glorious to me & I was late to the party. But I caught up, and I have invested months learning, branding & ensuring that every visual I release serves a purpose. That is the, without really "marketing". 

Give People A reason to Connect With You!


Why Work With Me 1:1

I have grown my account from "SUCKY" to consistent 22% engagement in 3 months, by focusing less on me & more on my audience. By learning what works & what doesn't and implementing these strategies as time has passed. And to prove that it wasn't a floop, I created a second account, tested these strategies and maintained the same outcome. 

This is not a strategy focusing on growing your following, but rather building authentic relationships, giving value & sharing with authenticity. Which in turn will help you grow your following, & build trust. 

This is a system you can implement now  in order to start seeing the results you desire for your Instagram....And by the end of this session you will be branding,crafting compelling content & building engagement with less frustration & more effectiveness. #likeaboss


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Who is this for?

  • This Session Is For Female Entrepreneurs Who TRULY Wants To Influence With Their Brand Whilst Building A Community On The Instagram Platform
  •  You are COMMITTED To the growth of your account
  • You're not really sure what's working for your account right now & need clarity
  • You are interested in learning how to build a powerful brand presence on the Instagram platform
  • You are ready to be more visible in your industry
  • You are just getting started & want to know the short cut strategies that will get you the rsults you need

This session is not for you if 

  • You do not own a business nor plan on creating one soon

  • You cannot afford to spend any money in the growth of your business & only want free strategies

  • You cannot commit to improving your business marketing plan 

Here's what we'll cover

  • The basics of branding & crafting a compelling Instagram account tailored to your audience & purpose.Style your account so that it reflects yourbrand message & mission.
  • Creating attractive content using one tool,plus how to curate & plan for posting with more ease & consistency. 
  • How to shoot & edit photos that will wow your audience & build trust evenif you don't own a high end camera
  • How to market your account like a pro + how to connect with like brands or other influencers
  • We'll track what's working & what isn't for your account, plus learn how to maximize on that. Analyse your account in order to understand your audience activities,brand growth and how to use it to your advantage.
  • You'll learn how to become an authority in your niche by exploring the "instagram  battlefield. 
  • Learn how to effectively market your brand by finding & using the right hashtags for your industry & making it to the top posts. Plus, i'll share my #1 hashtag trick for maximizing your reach & engagement.
Instagram strategy

405 sessions, 3,071 pageviews,35% of my traffic.

Of the 9,000 plus pageview received to my site, Instagram was one the top referers alongside Pinterest & Facebook. Now you may ask, why focus on Instagram?Well because it's actively engaging + it's my #socialbae

here's the raw data


2 hours + US$397

You only get one chance to make a first impression.
What does your account say about you & your biz?

Instagram Strategy Coach

Tiffany Hayley - 

Oh My Goodness! I totally fell in love.I struggle creating content and finding my voice. Needless to say as an entrepreneur who is actively building my business, I needed to understand the concept of branding and aesthetics. I needed to understand how to make my content inviting and visually appealing for my future clients.Thank you Menellia for helping me to find my hidden creativity! ” 

Instagram Strategy Coach

It has surely been a privilege working with Menellia one on one,. Before we started working together I considered myself a social media hermit. Though still a newbie, I now have the confidence and zeal to attack my social media challenges. I've definitely see positive results and feedback when I follow the advice of my guru. When I defiantly oppose what I’ve learnt, it’s almost instant how results can take a completely opposite path. In the beginning, I monitored my Instagram account as a hawk would its prey; number of likes on a picture, comments made, follows and “un-follows”, hashtags, feedback on my theme and the list certainly doesn’t end there, all this to prove the effectiveness of her lessons. 


Ready To Change Your Instagame & Vamp Up Your Results

With Less Hustle, Less Frustrations & Less Bots....Let's Make Your Investment. But Act Quick Because Only 5 Spots Left For May!


+ Here's the sweet deal

I don't teach anything I haven't personally tested. In face, since changing my approach towards instagram in 2016, I have not only seen a dramatic incease in my engagement, but my overall branding has become seamless.. that's my guarantee to you