Discover The Secret To Building An Instagram Account That Converts!

a 6 module self study course for female entrepreneurs who wants to influence with their brand whilst building a community


Hey Gorgeous

  • Do you wish that your Instagram strategy wasn't so frustrating?

  • Do you wish to reach more targeted audience,make yourself more visible & spread your message with better strategy & ease?

  • Do you want to know how to successfully be the face of her brand
  • Ready to learn how to grow engagement & double your following
  • Interested in an Instagram Strategy that will help build engagment
  • To Build your know,like,trust meter in the socialsphere
  • Wanna learn the strategies for finding your instagram branding, making sure it's converting, and reaches more potential clients /audience than the competition


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Why Instagram?

There are over 600 million users on Instagram.

48.8% of brands are using Instagram

Engagement on Instagram scored up to 60 times higher than on Facebook! 

 55% of Instagram users are between the age group 18-29 & 50% TEENS!! Hello trendsetters

59% of users use Instagram DAILY!!

80% Instagram users are from outside the US "THAT MEANS GLOBALIZATION!"

Over 80 Million photos are uploaded every day

whoaaa whopping numbers right!!

Let's Take These Brands As Examples

  • Lenovo strives for fun and power at the same time with their products. Take a look at their Instagram feed, it's colorful yet depicts their message. 
  • MacCosmetics again is fun and vibrate. Their products strives to "make you feel beautiful".How do they engage? By putting their products to use in posts.
  • Even powerful self development brands like Founder & Arianna Huffington emulate this via their content, but don't get intimidated because even the startups like myself are banging at it

The Course Module


Module 1 - Stage Setting

Learn the basics of branding & crafting A compelling Instagram account tailored to your niche & purpose.Style your account so that it reflects yourbrand message & mission.

Module 2 - Curating Content

Creating attractive content using one tool,plus how to curate with more ease & consistency. 

Module 5-Measuring Engagement

Track what's working & what isn't for your account, plus learn how to maximize on that.

Module 3 - Posting & Growth

Learn how to become an authority in your niche by exploring the "instagram  battlefield. 

Module 4 -Marketing On Instagram

Learn how to effectively market your brand by finding & using the right hashtags for your industry & making it to the top posts. Plus, i'll share my #1 hashtag trick for maximizing your reach & engagement.

Module 6 - The Business Of Instagram

Find out how to capitalize your brand, by working with brands, building collaborations with like influencers

Why Me:

I have grown my account from "SUCKY" to consistent 22% engagement in less than 3 months, by focusing on the audience. By learning what works & what doesn't and implementing these strategies as time has passed. And to proove that it wasn't a floop, I created a second account, tested these strategies and maintained the same outcome. Thus...the course was born

This is not a course focusing on growig your following, but rather building authentic relationships, giving value & sharing with authenticity. Which in turn will help you grow your following, & build trust.

An audience is built on trust.On a brands awareness of what they want and the willingness to help them get it. Engagement is what builds the connecting bridge between brand and customers and without it, there is no trust and definitely no brand. And a tiny FYI.... you don't need to have a large following to get started.

Style It Awesome is a step-by-step system you can implement now  in order to start seeing the results you desire in your business using Instagram.This course will guide you with branding,crafting compelling content & building engagement with less frustration & more effectiveness.

You Will Also Receive

  • A 20 Page workbook to follow along with action
  • 4+ HOURS  worth of video content to go at your own pace
  • An Instagram glossary highlighting regularly used resources for continuous use.
  • Direct access to me for impromptu questions to be answered.


Past Students Said

It has surely been a privilege working with Menellia one on one, with guidance from her courses. Before we started working together I considered myself a social media hermit. Though still a newbie, I now have the confidence and zeal to attack my social media challenges. With regards to Instagram I definitely see positive results and feedback when I follow the advice of my guru. When I defiantly oppose what I’ve learnt, it’s almost instant how results can take a completely opposite path. In the beginning, I monitored my Instagram account as a hawk would its prey; number of likes on a picture, comments made, follows and “un-follows”, hashtags, feedback on my theme and the list certainly doesn’t end there, all this to prove the effectiveness of her lessons. On reflection, I can say that these lessons have been tried and proven! Denise Ryan

Oh My Goodness! I totally fell in love with social media DIY after Menellia’s course. Before I went through this course social media and DIY graphics were great big monsters I did not want to face. I struggle creating content and finding my voice. Needless to say as an entrepreneur who is actively building my business, I needed to understand the concept of branding and aesthetics. I needed to understand how to make my content inviting and visually appealing for my future clients. This course should be coined the prerequisite of all social media branding and content design.  Let Menellia V show you the ropes. Whether you are brand new to Instagram, intermediate, or even advanced she can contribute some tools to help you create, reinvent, or enhance your current Instagram page. Menellia's course has helped me tremendously! This course has assisted me not only in creating for my Instagram, but other social media platforms as well. Thank you Menellia for helping me to find my hidden creativity! ” Tiffany Hayley

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts when you enroll and ends when you have completed it! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish. Plus you will be invited to join any follow-up live workshops relating to this course.
How long do I have access to the course?
After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
Do I have to purchase any additional applications or software for this course?
Absolutely not.All the apps used and presented in this course are free to download, however,if you decide to purchase any additional software, you may do so on your own accord.
What if I miss one of the masterclasses?
Don't worry.I got you covered.All masterclasses are recorded and a replay will be uploaded for accss  by all students in the event that they miss out.
What if I want a refund?
Unfortunately, due to the nature of this program, there will be no refund. 

Who Is This For?

  • This Course Is For Female Entrepreneurs Who TRULY Wants To Influence With Their Brand Whilst Building A Community On The Instagram Platform
  •  You are COMMITTED to the growth of your account
  • You're not really sure what's working for your account right now & need clarity
  • You are interested in learning how to build a powerful brand presence on the Instagram platform
  • You are ready to be more visible in your industry
  • You are just getting started & want to know the short cut strategies that will get you the rsults you need

This course Is Not For You If 

  • You do not own a business nor plan on creating one soon

  • You cannot afford to spend any money in the growth of your business & only want free strategies

  • You cannot commit to improving your business marketing plan 


What do you want your account say about your biz?