We are the curators of our own lives & a life of internal pain simply isn't living...

The term"connoisseur" -  an expert judge in matters of taste. And that includes your one precious gift "life". How you live. What you allow. What goals you createn. And How much you love yourself, thus giving yourself the gift of true freedom & happiness

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Your heart knows when you're the creator of your life or someone else's - Shannon Ables!

All the lies you were told whilst growing up and you're telling yourself right now as an audlt are holding you down in that "boxed wine" category of life.

The childhood traumas you've carried as unwanted luggage needs to be released once and for all. 

And the "self sabotaging" behaviours and thoughts you're engaging because you're pleasing your "everybody" needs to be burned and buried. 

 I use the analogy of wine because I resonate easily with it. There is a level of confidence in how you hold a wine glass, in how you sip, in how you savour it that goes into a very good bottle of wine " like a crisp cabernet sauvignon from south africa" as opposed to the plastic cup, forcing it down whilst it cuts your through your throat "talacasto".  It's the simple pleasures derived from cultivating a quality of life just from embracing who you truly desire to be.

You are very much worthy of the life you desire. And there is no such thing as "it's too late for me". When you make a decision, a choice to make a difference, the universe is already waiting for you half way... patiently at that....and I would love to help you walk the other stretch.. Here's what I'm thinking...

A 3 hour Conscious Immersion Session with me where we focus on these 3 areas of your life in order to raise your quality of life in the most simplistic & genuine way. Here's what it entails

Your Immersion Breakdown!

  • PART 1 - Identifying Your Limitations, Blocks. Traumas and Frustrations Surrounding Yourself &The Relationships You Hold And & Clearing Yourself Of Them Once And For All So That You Can Create Your Version Of Your High Styled Life
  • PART 2 - Identifying Your Strengths, Values And Passions As The Woman Your Truly Are And Fully Embracing Them Without Hesitation 

  • Part 3 - Identifying Your Goals, Desires And Needs & Owning Them Unapologetically! 
  • Overall Goal - Identifying Your True Purpose In Life, Needs And Dominant Wanted Emotion & Consciously Cultivating Your Map To Magnifying Them.

Your Immersion Includes:

  • Initial analysis of your life from a welcome pack to set the stage 
  • One 3 hour intensive session during our immersion
  • 1 half hour accountability call post intensive 

You can regain control of your emotional and physical freedom.It's only a click away. And I've created a very limited ONE TIME offer to the first 10 ladies who are serious about creating that shift from a space of scarcity & fear to a space of abundance and love.!! 

A high styled quality life does not revolve around that of society's structures. Nor does it reflect the trends that surround you. A high styled quality life means creating a life you fully embrace and love in your own unique way. 

There are many women who lay in bed at night, wishing that life was better. Wishing that they had taken action back then to meeting their goals. There are women who wake up in anger every morning before getting out of bed because they hate the current state of their affairs. And there are women who have fallen prey to the tactics of society..."this was me"

If you're resonating with this...then you're in the right place to create your high styled quality life

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The Benefits? You Will Gain :

Clarified desires & goals that you confidently own and embrace

Increased energy & enthusiasm because you are doing what you love in your life

Raised wealth consciousness and a happier, and emotionally healthier lifestyle

More confidence in yourself & your capacity to make an difference using your unique values and strengths

But above all, you will Increase Your Emotional Freedom.

This is the definition of becoming the connoisseur of your own life! 

Let's Light Up That Spark For More & Increase Your Emotional Freedom.You Are Worth It!


This Immersion Is Perfect For You If You:

  • Are ready to give up the limitations, frustrations and overwhelm and ready for emotional freedom
  • Are yearning to confidently own up to your desires without guilt and cast aside the self sabotage & fears
  • You are ready to overcome feelings of inadequacy and defeat to walk in the confidence in your life
  • You would like to know the secrets to creating the mindset required to break free from old ways of thinking and into your highest level of success
  • You're in need of a miraculous breakthrough and ready to do whatever it takes to make that happen!

The Hassle Free Process!

This Immersion Session Can Be Booked Right Now By Hitting The Button Below!

  • Once registration is complete you will be sent the Welcome Packet and Assessment Form via the email you used to book.
  • Our immersion session will then be scheduled.
  • You complete and email back the Welcome Packet and Assessment Form before our immersion session. This will allow me to study you & your situation before the immersion session, so we can immediately dive into creating your solution.
  • You will then receive an email with my calendar link in order to pick a day and time for our 3 hour immersion. 
Note that I under no circumstance promise change and results to my clients. YOU are responsible for your own results by taking action and implementing the work. I am only here to support you in making that roadmap clearer and more exciting. I also require you to be fully available during our session, which means that you are to be engaging and open during prompts. I will NOT be more invested in you than you are in your own self. Therefore, if you are unwilling to invest the time and effort it requires to show up for you, please do not proceed to book this immersion session. 

If you're ready to move forward and begin creating your ideal life, then process to discover your high styled life below.

I enjoyed this session and your detailed explanations, you break things down very well and make the information clear and digestable. I now know how to create a package in a simple way so that meets for ideal client needs.
— Binetou. Diagne - Confidence Coach

Located In Saint Lucia?Let's Develop Your High Styled Life In Person During A Privaten Lunch/Brunch Immersion