A Proven Way To Claim Your Success

2017 has graced us and for millennial go-getters our eyes are more fixated on the prize. And that is success. Success in the definition we so decide to define on our own terms.However; as the year progresses, it's quite easy to become distracted. BY OURSELVES. Of course this hinders our growth & we may find ourselves enjoying too much the creation of excuses as we endure the repetitive cycle of a series of things. How do we really know when we're growing and when we're stalling? How do we make the differentiation between the two?

Here's How A Strong Mindset Can Help With Your Success

Awaken the giant within you, one of my top reads for the year 2016. A year where I practiced controlling my mindset and curbing my limiting beliefs. A year where everything actually turned out awesome for me.I became a contributor to top online platform The Huffington Post, I became a regular contributor to a local print lifestyle magazine "dazzle", I worked with more brands on my style blog Nothing But Velvet, I leveled up my online biz and launched my online course "Style It Awesome for instagram engagement",I worked with budding and thriving online entrepreneurs on my podcast, I went to Paris for the second time and met some amazing people, and I interviewed an created a team of awesome customer support reps who were able to hold the fort down impecably during my 3 week absense.

I think in all, we can say that It was a great year. Right?

How To Make Your Twitter Account More Visually Appealing-Tutorial Included

Visual appeal is all the rave when it comes to marketing these days. Think about it, social media now rules and even back then, television advertisements were to be made pretty and captivating. But when it comes to an easy to use social platform like twitter, creating a lasting impression can be easier than you thought it could be done. 

How To Seriously TRIPLE Your Traffic With SumoMe

Sumome is a social sharing plugin which can be embedded into your blog, site, and pages in order to allow your current readers to "market" your amazing content on your behalf. It's absolutely free, of course there is the availability of pro featured packages, which will of course provide you with additional benefits. But if you're just starting out as a blogger without the  liquid budget set aside for marketing, then let's get to work.With the capability to enable sharing optins to up to 11 social platforms at a time including Pinterest, Facebook & Twitter, as well as direct message, whatsapp, Linkedin and so many more, this plugin is a must if you wanna grow your reach. From list builders to content analytics the posibility of figuring out what's working for your blog as well as provide easy access to content upgrades is endless. 


Things Noone Tells You About Building a Blog and Online Business

Frustrating Things No One Tells You About Building a Blog and Online Business. Ever felt like only the sugar coated ways of building a successful online blog or business is being protrayed?Are you ready for some realness?Click to read the full post.