An Actionable Guide To Finding Your Passion & How To Be DRIVEN By It!

We all want to achieve something. If you haven't figured it out yet, maybe my Creating Actionable Goals mini course guide will help you out. "One tiny secret though, YOU ALREADY FOUND IT"!! You see your passion is basically something you have been doing your entire life "or the majority of it ", which you enjoy. Think about it. If you have always had a knack for DIY's or drawing or designing & creating your own outfits. HELLO.. Wake up & smell the coffee. It seems like everyone is in face paced mode these days, just going and going and going. But have you ever stopped to wonder why? Why are you moving in that direction. Or maybe , you're just going because you were told to.. & the sad part is that we complain about it. 

Moment of truth, I'm legit a few months away from 30, and let's just say I did not see me being in this spot here, now at this point in my life. Trying to figure things out or should I say starting all over. But as the french say C'est La Vie. And I am sure at some point,maybe now, you are probably thinking the same thing. Time is passing by, and you somewhat feel the need for more. More accomplishments or just something.... more passion...After partaking in what seems like 100 or more creative and branding courses, from ByRegina et al... I can finally honestly say that I feel like I am doing the right thing. I have learnt how to make the most of my time, more effectively, how to focus on what's important and how to implement what I have learnt over these past months to maximize results. & above all,I love helping people.

Steering them in the right direction, helping them figure out what they really want.. but guess what, I always loved doing that. I remember my friends & random strangers, always asking me for guidance, or spewing out their troubled guts to me, but I never looked at it in that perspective. When I wrote the  How To Find Your Passion post, it was because I watched an Iris Apfel documentary. It was moving, and it really made me put things into perspective. So how do you identify what you are most passionate about? Do you see yourself doing this in the next 3-5 years?

Need a little boost?? Get immediate access & download the Passion Assessment from The Library. Here a two other great posts on finding your passion by Erica Murphy and Kara of Boho Berry.