5 Important Facts You Should Know About Blogging.

When I started blogging i had no direction. I literally was publishing words.."angry ones at that". because in my head, it was my journal. Did I think anyone would ever see it? NO? Did I think that one day I would have to delete it and start from scratch? NO.. Did I know what I was going to talk about when I finally decided to go pro with it? Ehhh not really. When I started, I wish I had a manual lying around informing me about the time, upkeep and content creation and SOOO many other things I needed to know. But as time progressed.. I learnt, and I implemented and I changed things around.. And I grasped it all.. 

And I know that there are so many out there who want to start publishing on the web, but they haven't really taken into consideration all the extras tagging along. Yesterday I had a client consultation for revamping her blog and she said " OMG this is a lot of work, if  someone has to do this full time, they need to quit their job.. "True story, but don't go running to your HR's office just yet.. 

Launching and growing a blog takes time,patience, love, and a lot of printables from courses you probably might create if you decide to go blog-biz. But have you asked yourself the imperative questions as yet? What is it gonna be about? Who will it be for? What do I want to get out of this? Am I ready to make that commitment? If you haven't I will tell you one, building a blog can be a simple task as well as a difficult one at the same time. It depends on the overall purpose. Let's break it down.

Things I wish I knew when I started blogging

1: What will my blog be about?

You have so many options here, food, clothes, fashion, life, lifestyle, sports, makeup and the list goes on. But the question is will it be specific to one or two topics or a range of topics? Focusing on one or two topics can be a great option if you would like to attract a readership centered around that, and if you would like grow your blog, and allows for more great content creation. If you are just starting off, I would advise toward this option. On the other hand, concentrating on more than one topic option can also be a great thing if you are an awesome writer, if you would like to build a team or create "magazine" style type of blog, if you have a blog centered around contributions. 

2: Who is your target audience? Yourself or others?

When I first started blogging 10 years ago I had no target audience. Blogging to me was an escape of a journal, therefore I used it solely as that. But as time passed, and the blogosphere grew I started to discover other blogs, and ended up deleting my first one (since it was full of negativity lollll, I was young, ^_^), and started fresh. This time I had a new mission, to appeal to others and teach, reach out and eventually grow it into a business. Before launching, ask yourself, will I want this to be a journal? Or will I want it to be a portal of inspiration for others. Honing down on your purpose is imperative. And it will allow you to structure & create content with more ease. 

3: Is there an interest in your topic of choice?

I was once having a chat with my neighbour, who said to me she's always wanted to start a blog talking about dealing with heartbreak, etc. I am sure that there are individuals who would love have a community of like minded individuals.Think about your topic of interest,research it, find out if there is a market for it, If you would like to appeal to the masses. Social communities provide great forums for finding blog topic ideas.I think the 21st century has blessed us enough to find out. Start reading other blogs, the comments, scope instagram etc. And want to grow your blog from zero to hero eventually, because it doesn't happen overnight, you will need traffic and readers, but people must be interested in what you have to say. If you have no clue whether or not there is an interest, .. Bonus - create a Bloglovin account just for reading blogs, as it pulls all, and I mean ALLL.. ok maybe 90% of the gazillion blogs out there for you,

4: - What is Your End Goal?

Continuing from number 3,   what is your ultimate goal here? If your target is to reach a wider audience, do you want it to be and remain a hobby or do you see this turning into something bigger at some point in time? There is so much potential and opportunity out there for being a blogger, but it take A LOT OF time, dedication, and true " passion". This little baby can start off with you posting fashion photos of yourself in your own wardrobe, and before you know it you're a go to advertising partner. Look at Kristina Bazan of Kayture. In the words of Drake "started from the bottom now we here" and so many others like Shirley of Shirley's Wardrobe and how dare I forget myself from Nothing But Velvet, companies have started to contact me & am working on some big projects for 2016.. but it took time. Before launching, create a plan. Create a map. Do I want to turn this into a biz? Or do I just want to grow a community & become a digital influencer?

And finally.. Are you ready to make the commitment?

Because like I said, it take time, energy and a lot of frustrating days. So remember

  • What's your topic of interest?
  • Who's your target audience?
  • Is there an interest for your niche?
  • What is your end goal?
  • Are you ready to make the timely commitment?

Have you started a blog? Or are you thinking of starting one? What is your current challenge? Let me know in this quick survey.