The Number 1 Habit That Will Shape Your Life!

One of the most important habits that will shape your life

Anyone reading this studied the fundamentals of Sociology? If you did, do you remember the the theory of Functionalism. Nope.. here's a crash course; so basically the theory of functionalism speaks about the different sectors of society working together as a whole to achieve one end goal. Take the child for example, the family unit, the church, the school and the society plays a vital part in his/her life in order to mold and instill values, norms, etc into the him as he grows up. These different institutions, are responsible for shaping the person he turns out to be. Or a simpler analogy, the digestive system; the mouth, esophagus, stomach, intestines, etc all play a different role from start to end. However; systems fail;It's like life.

In order to ensure smooth functionality from one stage to the other systems are needed just as when you are Setting Goals as learnt in the free goal setting course you can access HERE.


Be it organisational, strategic, or a simple method of doing things, but overall you need to be methodical & strategic to achieve results. This helps with the avoidance of one getting overwhelmed very quickly or thinking of worst case scenarios, but instead helps with creative thinking, and being innovative with your "mental and physical" reflexes to certain things. Because let's face it,

"We Are After all Human, and emotion I think is one uncontrollable aspect of being such."

Figuring Out Your Functional System

Of course, all processes do not work the same for everyone, I might be able to tolerate lactose, but you might not. Therefore you find an alternative system or product which works for you; through experimenting. That is the tedious part, because you may begin on "formula" only to realise halfway through that you must start all over again. But don't fret, because it's all a learning process which will eventually teach you patience for sure, & tolerance until you find what works for you. 

Star Tip

Start with baby steps. Trying to figure out how the entire "machine" works could probably be one of the most detrimental things you could do since it defeats the purpose and disrupts the learning curve more than you should allow. I saw a clip over the weekend from Oprah where she says " There are No Mistakes...There are no wrong paths... You get as much from your loses...

You know what watch the clip HERE

What life habit are you cultivating?

xx Menellia