The Three Reasons WHY You Must Overcome Fear!!

Reasons you must overcome your fears

How do you  get what you really want in life? By going after it of course. But what if you are afraid.?Afraid of the outcome, afraid of failing, afraid of the the bumps and the jumps in the road? But have you ever thought of the positive What Ifs? We are naturally programmed to question almost every big decision we are about to make. 

Take for example you  apply for a job; at first the adrenaline fills you with excitement, you start to plan your interview outfit, your questions, your "perfect salary", but as the day gets closer, the pitter patter of the "what if steps" starts crawling in. What if I mess up, what if I don't answer the questions correctly. Well what if you don't? Did you ever think about that? If you prepared properly, have the required skills, why are you afraid?


Fear & doubt is one of the biggest setback for most people. It kills confidence, drive, focus which in turn leads to procrastination, and the willingness and zeal to leap. Have you ever made the extra effort anytime you are about to subconsciously sabotage a great "GO FOR IT" moment to shift your focus towards all the positive outcomes of whatever decision you are about to make? 

What if you got that job, what if you did amazing at the job. Identifying what we are really afraid of is the first step. The second is accepting the fact that you are afraid and then figuring out ways of overcoming it; and I mean think about the reward awaiting. Don't you want that?


"Only when we are no longer afraid do we begin to live" Dorothy Thompson

Pushing past your fear and taking a risk opens you up to so many rewards, new opportunities, new challenges, new limits you had yet to discover,growth in your self confidence and ultimately a clear definition of what exactly it is that you want. 

I am sure like me, you had some amazing goals for 2015, but did you even try to attain all of them? Did you insert all your efforts into figuring out ways and means to fulfill them. If you didn't fulfill them, you would have learnt a lesson or two. Like maybe next time, I should do this instead of this. Here's a Mini Guide by the way. 


With a new year on the brink of the corner, I for one am super excited for everything that's in store, including the bumps. Do you know why, because first off I have identified my biggest fear and accepted it; and most importantly I have began to put measures in place to continue overcoming it. I would like you to ask yourself these 3 questions - "What is my biggest fear, Why and How do I plan to overcome it?Access the Library & download this 26 page in depth assessment workbook and Take the Fear Challenge!!

By setting the right stepping stones for your path, you will be able to catch yourself, even if you make mistakes. It's like crossing a ravine or stream. You map out the path on the rocks, jump jump, and if you slip you try everything in your power to think fast in a millisecond "So that you won't Fall". At the end of the cross, there will be two outcomes-

1- You will not take that route again

2- If you take that route, you know which rocks to step on. 

Now you have two choices, pretend that what's holding you back doesn't exist, OR you face it head on and RISE above it. Watch the Youtube Video Breakdown! & don't forget to download your Fear Challenge Workbook from the library.