How to use affirmation cards for success.

Happy Jar

In 2013 I created a "happy jar", which I used to track my amazing moments, highlights, achievements and some "unfortunate incidents"  for the year. Whenever something memorable happened, I wrote down on a post it note, as a way a of collecting value. As the year progresses, our highlights tend to fade in the background of our minds as new ones are formed. When I opened that jar on new years ever 2014, with a glass of champagne, I smiled and marvelled at my achievements as I read through each and every one of them. 

Usually when we are fresh out of bed, we seldom take the time to acknowledge our small luxuries, of waking up in clean white sheets, or having a fresh cup of coffee, but jump swiftly into the day of "chores". We prepare for work, grunt, groan and if some of us are lucky enough to have created an independent business, I imagine that we do the opposite. 

How to use affirmation cards for success



Taking care of yourself, your mental stability should be one of the most treasured rights of life. But you need to set the tone, the pace, the setting in other for that to happen. Some persons resort to meditation in the morning, & some like myself use affirmations. A quote of the day, a selection of words which guides you as you jump start into the chaotic world. 

If you haven't done this, don't you think it would bring some value to your life? But reading a quote and forgetting it is actually worse. Therefore I have created indexed affirmation cards to #coloryourlifeamazing as you jump from day to day of 2016. Printable, colorful and easily portable, these cards will be your guiding tool throughout your 2016, at the end of the day, write a note at the back, and drop them into a jar, as on the eve of 2017, you will want to relive your amazing memories. This year I am re-reading a book I purchased 2 years ago called "Everyday Happy- 365 ", for highlights of each day, check out my Instagram page.

Download the Mantra Cards & Calendar from the library-Your printable sheet which holds 3 index cards, plus access to more guides including a Daily Schedule Sheet,A Passion Assessment Workbook etc.