How to boost your blog's traffic consistently month after month

How to grow your blog traffic consistently

Ok, I totally get it , you keep refreshing that overview/stats/analytics button for your blog but the growth seems to be dead, sleeping or slowly creeping up the scale...really slowly. And of course it's absolutely NO fun writing for cricket.. none whatsoever. What do you do? You frantically pursue the internet for every post & tip out there to help you get to that desired readership. And still nothing works. 

To be perfectly honest, I paid zero attention to my traffic stats when I first started the blogging journey; but when my "seriousness" about it kicked in, I became obsessed. And as the months went by and the numbers got higher, I became even more focused and aware on how my growth was increasing. But how did I do it? What did I do differently to ensure that my blog's traffic remained consistent month by month?

Well I first believe structural plan, how are you marketing that post? Because afterall drafting publishing and sharing once is definitely not going to cut it. And it def isn't all about YOU, you want your readers to be loyal fans who keep coming back for more of what you have to offer and you of course want to engage with other fellow bloggers..because afterall that's your team. . Apart from ensuring that your blog s visually appealing , here are a few other tips and tricks to effectively grow your blog's growth and increase your blogger team..


1. Write about what you love.

In my 5 things to know before blogging I mentioned that having a passion for the content you create will be the driving force behind the aesthetic of your blog. If your content is all over the place, your readers will also be all over the place, not because you don't know what you are talking about , but because your tone and style of writing will also reflect in your work. You know that term niche down. I'm sure you've heard of it. Picking a niche is simple for some, but for those who love more than one..( like me ) it can be a bit difficult honing into the "how am I going to execute this phase" . Because let's face it, there are some days I love talking about style and somedays I love giving advice...But remember one thing , whatever you write about be it food, style, fitness, reading.. whatever it is there must be one benefit to your readers.You want to captivate them to the point of asking for more or looking for more.


2. Get Your Social Game On Point!!

This has got to be my favourite of them all because social media, is the ultimate blog marketing tool & without marketing there is no blog growth. But again, it's NOT all about YOU? Whatever you are selling on social media must be two things, The first engaging and the second have an call to action behind it. How is it helping your audience "or the audience you want to capture". Remember that whatever you write about must be of one benefit to your readers point form #1? Same thing goes for social media. Take a a quick look at my Instagram account do you notice a pattern of posting? Do you instantly get the message? Do you see a call to action? Or do you have to scroll through 1000 images before you figure out what I blog about/what service I provide? This goes for all social accounts be it facebook, twitter et al " Have a clear captivating profile, with a call to action button, and make sure you post with purpose.".

Tips For SM

Post Regular and consistent, relevant content" I post at least 3 times a day on Instagram,10 on Twitter & Pinterest and 3 on Facebook. If you have time constraints on restrictions to posting during the day, schedule your posts ahead using apps. Currently I use Buffer for twitter "you can also use it for facebook with the free account and Pinterest for paid" and tailwind for Pinterest. Scheduling your social media posts ahead of time will ensure that "while you were out", your blog is currently being read without the hassle. And side note: try to include some links to other bloggers posts you enjoyed reading. 

3. Speaking of other bloggers. 

So you would love to branch out, collaborate, guest post, build a relationship with other bloggers. One of the ways I used to open myself to the idea of collaborating with other bloggers for creating a Feature Bloggers Project "which is still on going btw". My own little side  project just to meet and greet and work with some bloggers who were in the same phase as I was. Did is help, hell yes..Not only did I swap guest posts with them, I also got my blog traffic increased because obviously the contributing blogger wants their work to be seen as well. In addition to that reaching out to other major blogs became easier for me... "have you read my Huffington Post Blog?". You may read that guest posting is dead, but personally I think not. If you curate the content strategically you never know where it will lead you .Reach out to bloggers in facebook groups, instagram and twitter and ask them if they would like to collaborate with you. Hey the best thing that could happen is you get a resounding hell yess..


4.Using SEO,Keywords & Linking

So SEO or Search Engine Optimization pretty much works like this. You publish a post filled with "related keywords", photos specifically named after the post title, outbound linking helpful posts to other bloggers sites etc. So let's break it down very simply

  • The title of your post should be the driving focus of the words and phrases you use throughout the body of the post. Does your title read " How to grow your blog's traffic". but nowhere else in the body it's mentioned? Try this simple trick, utilise the focus keyword at least 3 times in the main body. 


  • Rename every image you use in the post accordingly. No one searches for IMG362o3o .Even you. If you were looking for a black off the shoulder blouse, these would be the exact words you use in the search engine. When you edit your images, save them in a specific folder dedicated to your blog and rename the photos according to the post it is tied to. Sometimes when you upload the photos the name won't show. If you use squarespace you will be given the option to name the file/image. If you use another platform like blogger, rename the image in the alt text. "click on image, properties and enter the image name in the alt text field". This will help your images & linked blogpost show up in search engine results, provided that you do it properly.


  • Wanna make some blogger friends. share someone else's content. You notice on twitter "if you're on there" that someone you follow retweets their own content via someone else? Guess what, it's called linking. Now don't carried away and retweet a bunch of unrelated content.. this will only result in unfollows for annoyance... but by being a trust source for information will pay off. I do this A LOT with my pinterest account. You can also do this with your blog post. Ok, so you found a helpful article about a topic you are covering, link it as additional content. Here's why, when someone searches that query and that linked additional resource come up via your post, they have to go to your blog before getting to that link. In some cases they will go straight to the link but hey.. you win some you lose some.. 

A fabulous linking trick I also learn it in the comment section. When i leave a comment under an article I love, most times I leave a link to my site. Now I try not to be spammy about t, so if I notice that it's a regular thing with other commentators, or the host blog doesn't seem to have an issue with it I will leave my link which kinda sorta indicates :"hey, I  have some awesomely related content over here". Respect the domains people. 


5. Share Buttons & Email Lists. 

See that vertical bar on the left side of this post? The one with the social media logos? Do you also see the share buttons below the posts? Make your blog posts shareable. And my that mean two things. Make sure that the content you would like share is value filled and create an easy share access. There are two ways to do this "that I know of". 

  • Use A Share App such as SumoMe which has a free version "like I am currently using. It's very easy to create an account and to embed the code into your template. This post explains how to build your traffic with sumome.


  • Use a theme with a share buttons. I think now majority of the themes do come with this embedded in the coding, but if you need assistance activating it, ask for help " especially if you are using a free theme".


  • To build an email list is the ultimate aim for most bloggers and online business babes. Like myself. But in the beginning it requires hard work. No one wants to be on a list for nothing. If you have a subscribe here button. I want you to remove it this instant. Instead the the time out to create one free valuable opt-in which you could use to warm your way into your future loyal fans heart. take for example my "join the tribe block in the footer.". Why would my future lovelies give me their sacred emails? Because I have built a library of tools they could use to add value to their lives. Not random posts they can find on here. But additional stuff plus Weekly love notes to help them remain inspired. Whatever you are blogging about, if you would like to build a good email list, create something to give in return & in turn they will return to your blog. 

The second part of the email list building mechanism. Let's say you have 10 subscribers on your list; FEAR NOT! That's a great start, because 10 people have trusted you with their confidential information and you have given them value in return. Now to build on that. Every newsletter or I should say Love Note as I like to call mine you send out to them, add share buttons at the footer. Plus you can also share that very same newsletter on your social media accounts, google+, facebook, twitter, get a link and tweak it up using  for your instgram profile header link. If you haven't started using mailchimp. Start now. especially if you are on a budget and have a very small base because it's free for under 500 subscribers, & you pay 10usd a month for extras.  But here's a #1 tip Add a call to action in that newsletter. JUST ONE! A link to a related blog post, tying in with the message embodied, and at the footer also add a little note such as "Want to receive these directly in your inbox. Enter your email here " and link it.  Of course there will be a part 3 to this email building thing because is super extensive so just start with this post on setting up mailchimp like a boss!


6.Keep working at it.

Of course, growth doesn't happen overnight, but if you consistently follow these tips, your blog growth & traffic will increase.

Have you been practicing any of these? Let me know in the comment section below if yes and which ones have been working best for you.