The One Thing You MUST Do For Business Growth!!


Launching an online business is as equally exciting as it is difficult. And as a newbie you may in inclined to the adrenaline pump of getting to that glorious business goal of reaching your very first 10k month or your first 1,000 subscribers. However, after months of putting in action, effortless nights and a few extra cups of coffee to keep you awake just for that 1.a.m webinar "from a guru in timezone ZED", you still constantly feel "STUCK"!!What's worst, you feel BURNT OUT & BEYOND FRUSTRATED. There's a better way. And even though it will might feel like taking a step back or even started a new scratch pad, it promises the growth you desire to see in your business. 

I literally spent an entire year feeling stuck in my business. COMPLETELY stuck if i'm being honest, and at my own fault if i'm being more honest. It's an exciting journey, but if there is one thing I have learned is that without the proper foundation there will be no solid house. We all want to start seeing that massive success...hell I wanna start hitting those 20K months to so that I can spend my 2 months in Tuscany stomping grapes "I assume.... But until I scale to that level, I will continue to enjoy my smaller 3k & 5k months. I will continue to enjoy the exhilarated moments of jumping on a call with a new potential client from Ireland "who waited an extra 5 hours just for me "time zones". But I didn't begin there & I had to the ONE thing in order to get there. And that was "VALIDATING MY BUSINESS". 

Sounds like simple boring stuff huh..Well let me share with you a little story. I always knew that I wanted to change the lives of other women. I always knew that I wanted to change my own life. And I tried so many different strategies, and even dabbled a little into "niching down", but even that was vapid. Niching down is thrown into the loop so much in blog posts that sometimes new entrepreneurs fail to understand the REAL POWER. "pick a niche,pick an age, pick a gender,pick a demographic". It's sooooo much more than that. And by REALLY giving the time to NICHING down, you begin to understand your ideal client so much better. You begin to tailor your brand more seamlessly, and you begin to see the growth you desire so much faster. 

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And there are stages. I once did a training with Neil Patel & he said "if less than 30 persons respond to you, you have a problem. As stubborn as I was I cast that notion aside "until I proved him RIGHT". And then I did the work. I paused, and I did the work. I did the research, I did the niching down, I invested in the RIGHT training "both timely & financially" and THEN, I re-branded & implemented my new strategies. And you wanna know what happened? BOOM!! No, not 10k months - we'll get to that soon. But I booked 4 clients in 3 days, I created a flyer to host my first live session locally & sold it out in a matter of hours. I booked clarity calls with ease & I confidently began to charge my worth & invested in a business coach. And soon so will you. 

In this training I will walk you through my top secret on HOW I validated my business in other to start seeing the massive shift I experienced in ONE MONTH!! And it's all FREE! A one hour training, video accompanied by a workbook + a bonus to help you solidify your business idea, your business goals & identify WHO you are meant to truly serve. And if you remain committed to this,I will continue to provide you with the support you need to finally rid yourself of overwhelm, frustration & business crickets.

It's the first & MOST ESSENTIAL STAGE TO LAUNCHING your business for growth. Are you ready for it?