How To Make Your Twitter Account More Visually Appealing-Tutorial Included

Make your twitter feed visually appealing.png

Visual appeal is all the rave when it comes to marketing these days. Think about it, social media now rules and even back then, television advertisements were to be made pretty and captivating. But when it comes to an easy to use social platform like twitter, creating a lasting impression can be easier than you thought it could be done. 


For the non -Instagrammer, "although I don't know why", and twitter savvy blogger babes, even you can create a beautiful feed that will captivate your potential audience and make waves. But make no mistake, pretty comes with a price; you know what they say, "beauty is pain". However; before you get scared pretty, I will help you make that proccess simple and fun. And before you know it, taking your twitter feed up a notch will be 3 clicks away.


Of course, you first need an account, on both buffer, twitter and it's extension "click to tweet", as they are the driving force behind this visual marketing tactic & because you also need your readers to market your content on your behalf as well as make their own spaces a beautiful welcome mat. "I swear I almost just rhymed that? I feel like the cat in the hat."

Moving right along, in this tutorial I will demonstrate the step by step guide to creating a beautiful twitter space, so get out your notebook, pens or you can just bookmark this page.As indicated, the apps used in this tutorial are buffer and click to tweet, so go right ahead and create an account first before following along to the tutorial. 


And now unto the action steps. How to make your twitter feed beautiful!! Enjoy. 

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