How to structure the perfect blog post + free printable checklist

The how do I start moment. You're all excited to get your domain out there, but the writers block kicks in & you have no idea what to write about. My very first post over on Nothing but velvet sucked a** so badly, when I look back at it recently I wonder ..what the hell was I thinking? I will admit though that I have updated majority if not all of my old posts in terms of content and structure for easy flow, so a show and tell is not really ideal. So how do you get those thoughts unto that black slate and get actual reads & engagement?

STRUCTURE matters. Remember in elementary, primary, infant school or "w.e it's called in your neck of the woods", we learnt the art of composition? Who knew that we would actually use one thing we spent years mastering in real life, "not that we do with majority..what is calculus? Point".Composing your blog post for easy flow is imperative. And I like to follow the Main Idea- Body-Revisit Main Idea-Summary structure. Because I believe that it allows an easier read and cohesiveness. It's like reading a novel. You start with the topic of interest "the title'. A brief intro into the character in most probably the first chapter, which then leads to some mystery, but still on path, revisit why you were reading the book in the first place, and then  end with a sweet summary. 



One of the easiest ways to start a blog post is to write the title down. The "THIS IS WHAT I WANT TO WRITE ABOUT". Picking a blog topic is actually quite easier than most think. This is where you want to grab your audience attention!! WHY should they continue reading your post? You want a clickable title.As a new blogger or otherwise, I would advise creating a spreadsheet of blog post titles. Anytime an idea pops up, write it down. "if you're out and about, enter it into your phone for transferring later" because having a database of ideas will give you the foundation to work with and ensures that you always something to talk about at your disposal. Blogger Tip: color code your titles in terms of topic. Example If certain topics relate to beginners, have a color key for them, if certain topics are about a specific subject, have a color key for them etc etc. This will make the process of linking older posts to new posts as you go along much easier, thus ensuring that traffic is always generated towards your older content, as they are gradually shifted below deck. Remember that your Main Idea will give you the guidance to the body of your post. 


The Intro...

Be human, be personable and get people to read that first 3-4 sentences. THAT IS ALL!! Here's an example. 

This year has definitely been the awakening of my bookworm vibes.. As much as I love writing, my reading books skillset lacks a bit “shameless truth”, unless of course I found ONE very interesting, captivating book of words per year. However, I have been burying my face into some amazing populars lately. From Styling inspiration, to deep thoughtful words, here are 3 amazing reads I think every woman should splurge on because there is nothing more relaxing than a classic movie and a glass of wine... but a good book and some cookies & tea comes equally close.

I may be biased since I wrote it, but these 4 sentences makes me want to know what I've been reading? So I continue on. AND that's the aim of your introduction......

How to structure the perfect blog post plus a free printable checklist!!

The Body a.k.a. The why,what & how. ..

Time to break down your main idea into key points.

Here's an example

Main Idea: 3 Must Read Books Of The Summer. By the name of the post, the reader expects you to highlight 3 books in the body of your post. 

Body: Book 1: State your point  in this case the name of the book. And then, further discuss your point. WHY should I read this book? What benefit will it provide your reader? And so on and so forth. Repeat this point until you have gone through your 3 books. 


They've gotten to this point. GREAT!! How are you gonna keep them there? What do you want them to do before continuing? Now that you've gotten your audience attention, take advantage of it. Get them to be interactive. Get them to share this post using pinnable images, click to tweets, or sign up for an opt-in, workshop, etc. by the way, download the perfect blog post checklist >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


Here's Example #2

Main Idea: How To Increase Your Instagram Engagement. Clearly the reader is expecting some form of descriptive process as your main idea indicates a HOW? 

Body: List your steps or process in sequence, and elaborate. As per example. Have a cohesive feed. How do you have a cohesive feed? Ensure that your photos relate to one another, in terms of what's being depicted, colors, sizes, layout ' horizontal/vertical.

Providing examples are a great way to grab your reader's attention in the body of your post. And it also gives them an opportunity to think about the content they are absorbing & how they will implement it later. Your body should provide easy to process advice,and give a solution to your readers queries, all the while making reference to your main idea or topic.

Have shareable images.

As we are in visual ages, have images tell your story. Before hitting that publish post, have related images for your social platforms. Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest & Facebook.. and of course any other platform you use. Canva is a great tool to create these images as the dimensions for all these social platforms are preset. And it's very easy to use.


Click It To Tweet It...Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.” ― Benjamin Franklin"

Summarize It...

Gathering it all into one giant ball of informations. Summarise your post. Reiterate the points you spoke about in the body of your post in bullet form and provide resources to extra material. The extra material should be your call to action. What do you want the reader to do next? Do you want them to download a cheat sheet, do you want them to sign up for workshop which will elaborate further on the post, do you want them to read additional content relating to the post. These call to actions can be in the form of links, sign up forms, or simply adding a related post bar at the footer of the post. 

Once again your blog post should contain the following:

  • A captivation main idea "title"
  • Break down your main idea into highlight points
  • Provide examples as part of your point highlights
  • Summarise your post & have a call to action before closing. 
  • Have share worthy images. 
  • Give more related content to read. 
  • BONUS 1 - Use bold subheadings for better read

Don't forget to grab your bonus "Perfect Post Checklist" below.

Perfect Post Checklist

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