How To Use Instagram Stories To Grow Your Audience

I was never one to Snap away my life & free time.. except when the occasional morning routine of getting ready for work came around. And of course when the evenings of " let's see what my peeps are up to chill time". Why, because  in all honesty I have no clue how to use it effectively nor how to get my cute flower crown filter on and then some. I also think that snapchat wasn't really my calling, as finding persons to follow was a task "i.e. you need to know their usernames in order to add them", or have someone add you as a friend. Thus building my following on there became less of an interest to me. And also, because the only social media platform I put my soul and time into as much as I do with my positive thinking practice is INSTAGRAM!!.

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But well well instagram has now joined the bandwagon of posting short stories on your feed.. just like snapchat.. But do I love it? Like cracking their algorithm code was not change enough? Initially I thought, but wait a minute, this looks like snapchat..I wonder if they bought shares or w.e "since facebook is now all over instagram and then some", but needless, I dabbled into it a bit and I currently have a love hate relationship with it for the time being. 

Reasons Being: Love

  1. Multitasking is now coupled into one APP for me
  2. I can now capitalise on the reaching a wider audience for my business in real time on an app I actually LOVE!!. 

Reasons Being: Hate

  • It's still a little public for my taste "You can watch anyone's story & vici versa"
  • I can't control who shows up in my feed...  " and I am following 600+ instagramers"



I think that both snapchat and instagram stories has their targeted age groups, and purpose. With the advent of the instagram for business feature rolling out recently, maybe their stories feature is somewhat of an addition to it. As I believe that my random gyrating to dancehall on saturday mornings would not really appeal to my business account but more so my snapchat story. 

Let's Compare the pros and cons:


  • Appeals to more millennial audiences & I think influencers alike.
  • Fun  selfie filters
  • You can control who shows up on your timeline feeds
  • You can also control the privacy of your story
  • Building an audience takes more work 


  • The ability to reach a wide target market "From your already growing list, or browsing the trending timeline peeps"
  • Appeals to influencers and businesses "as the majority have already spent years growing their instagram for business accounts"
  • The lack of control on what you can view in your stories feed 
  • The lack of control on who can see your stories
  • Still new, therefore we have no idea where it will lead as yet


However; at the end of it all it all boils down to the individual and how they would like to embrace it. But if you have already gained success building your community over on snapchat, why should you forget about it? And if you have been working your tail to grow your instagram account, then maybe here's an opportunity to work with. To each his own? Will I be using it? For my business yes. But I think I will put a tad bit more effort into learning how to hell to use those snapchat filters.. What do you guys think?Let's chat about it in the comments sections. xx Menellia..

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