Things Noone Tells You About Building a Blog and Online Business

Frustrating Things No One Tells You About Building a Blog and Online Business. Ever felt like only the sugar coated ways of building a successful online blog or business is being protrayed?Are you ready for some realness?Click to read the full post.

Before I begine, here's a warning - proceed with caution as this post may contain a few lashed out words... just a few.. 

It's been almost a year since I decided to tun my blog into much much much more than a hobby and i've pored hours, days & months of my free time "pretty much 90%" into the content,marketing & manintenance of this site. And sometimes I find myself wondering why? Why do I keep up with the stresses, expenses, headaches "but of course, there are some fun times" of blogging & building an online biz. Well you see, when I started this journey I had a vision, I had  purpose and somewhere along the way I lost my vision and felt like a failure. I allowed myself to become overwhelmed and developed a somewhat cluttered mindset, by following the advices of one too many persons "my own fault at that I will admit".But thankfully I managed to regain my direction and filter out the noise a bit. A bit yes, because curiousity gets the best of us.That's when growth began to take place. 

If you're a newbie blogger looking to take your hobby into a full-time blog career path or build an online biz,you may have noticed quite a few.. no MANY resource outlets in every corner of the internet providing you a guarantee of how to succee at it. There are plenty of advice articles on the best facebook groups to join,how to guarantee sales "before you even lay the foundations of your business", which software YOU MUST invest in if you are serious about growth,and a thousand webinars with "no replays, limited spaces and thensome" to join. The thing is, this is all well and good, no great. But sometimes, you need to understand that not all the advice in the world is meant for you & learn to pull back.  

The lessons i've learnt over the period of 9 months have been so great and I am happy to say that if I were to repeat them, I probably would, for the sake of learning from mistakes. Some which cost me money, and some valuable time I will NEVER everrr regain.. Ever.. which is the purpose of this post. 

I've  see quite a few persons branding themself as online business coaches, when they have limited proof to show. Why, because well everybody is doing it. I've see so many persons posting their "wins and only wins" in facebook groups , yet, there are zero testimonials on their sites. Now I am not insinuating that it may be a lie, but I would much rather absorb the content from someone who provides me with form of social proof "even if it's one". At one point, I even googled "do bloggers lie on their income reports? No i'm not kidding, I really did, because the trendding habit was becoming a bit too ridiculous as every other pinterest image would have a figure plastered on it.  Well what if your reader has been struggling the daylights out of themselves, trying tirelessly to generate 1 cent or maybe $50 off their blogs. The front stage of the blogosphere is a mess of "boastful posts" "and sorry if you're one of those bloggers who overshare the back end story of your operations but"..I specifically remember a fellow blogger ask me how do these other bloggers make it look so easy. They're always sharing wins. They's always posting that they've booked a new client", or made x amount of money. Last week I had an online biz owner private message me after I responded to her post in a group. She had been feeling lost, overwhelmed and frustrated,because her online biz was getting nowhere. And I know exactly what that feels like to be failing & overwhelmed

In my opinion, a blog should be 2 things, a fun place to read, share opinions, have a chat in comments, or a place of advice. You give value. But lately, I have been finding the value lacking. It's all SELL SELL SELL!! And there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with that, but before you sell, you should have at least  gained the trust of your readers. How would you feel if some random online clothing store pops up in an adsense powered ad and asks you to buy this. I can guarantee you that before you were to enter your credit card information, you would research the internet like a mad stalker, because you really do want that cute blouse, but aren't sure of the credibility of the site. And that's life. It's expected. 

I think 2016 has been the age of the birth of so many blogs, or blogger based businesses, with the aim to " leave the 9-5". And how you can do so from your blog.We all want that. Hell I would loveeee to be in my home office right now coaching a new blogger or building the layout of a site for someone.. or of course the beach every day,but life doesn't work that way. There is a process, and proceses DO NOT jump from 1-100 in 5 days. NEVER. So could we pretty please stop adversiting our posts that way? Unless of course it's just a fun attractive title. 

Imagine my disappointment when I felt like I'd wasted 100 hours in webinars,online subscriptions which brought me no value and 90% was  a tactic to get me to BUY something.. let me tell you.. ok I won't. But have you ever felt that way? I think if a lot of bloggers,blog coaches, business coaches nurtured their readers a bit better, they would be more inclined to buying. I think if they gave more value, they would be inclined to sticking around. It's been all a numbers game this year, who has the highest income report, who had the most website traffic and who grew the biggest email list in 1 night... "sigh".

What no one tells you about building a blog or online business is that it is stressful!! Hell yes it's fun whan you launch and share, and engage, but then reality starts to sink in and you realise that it becomes your world. There are a lot a failed blogs out there, because sadly, some of them were either not ready to invest the timely requirement, or lost the direction. Building a successful blog takes time"maybe a few months, mabe more" but time is a key element and it is possible to become a success. In our own ways. It also requires money to maintain. And sometimes the tools required are costly for some."but there are alternatives". And it definitely requires a lot of connections!! A lot of connections. Because it's a somewhat of a food chain and everyone is competing to stay alive.And the number one thing is that sometimes when you leap,you will NOT initially be caught. You have to leap again and again, util you gain your footing. 

I think as a new online biz owner or blogger on a mission, you need to focus on your direction if you want success, because when you do, it's a downhill spiral from there on out. Distractions upon distractions. I also think that instead of working against each other "in competition", we should work together. Imagine the impact you could make if you were to collaborated more. Look at the top bloggers like Regina & Alisha. They work together. Share each other's content. And many others do the same. Collaborate on webinars, hosts podcasts episodes together. And one more thing, how about embracing the pace. Your success will come but at your own pace. All the top bloggers had their own paces. Some faster than others.These bloggers went through the exact same process some of us went through. They didn't become overnight successes. If you read their stories, and become an avid reader of their content, you will see the transparency. Besides,no one trusts someone who only shares the wins wins wins. How do you expect that you are going to connect with your audience. It's ok to be vulnerable at times. It builds trust. 

And if you're serious, get ready to embrace the failures which comes with it at times. We all have our highs and lows in life and our online spaces is part of that as well. Set your vision, set your goals,"here's a free goal planner btw", focus on your niche,your purpose and work at your own pace. Of course, take advice from the right connections. Meaning, just because someone is giving away free stuff, that does not necessarily mean that you need it. It's great to have a strategy and a plan, but also with flexibility, because sometimes the plans will need to be adjusted accordingly. 

Are there any blog or online business building frustrations you've experienced? Let's chat in the comments section below. 

xx Menellia

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