Wish It Was Easier To Kickstart Your Business?

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The Mini Course

A three pillar module course supporting you in identifying your goals and desires as a woman, what beliefs you have currently stemming around money & how they're holding you back from your success and who you're ultimately meant to serve as a coach. We're also going to just through the 3 pillar sequence of planning, setting up and launching your business in the simplest less overwhelming way possible. Get ready to kick start your growth & success as the ultimate #girlboss

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Desires & Goals

What do you want as a woman, and how can you own up to that desire. Learn to get clear on your worth and your innate goals. 

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Money Story

Your childhood and early adult traumas, beliefs and rules around money are seriously keeping you stuck. How can you let go & pen a new one?

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Your SOul Client

Your own story is your golden ticket to your ideal client. However, you need to get deeper into the core of who that client is..


In this Part 2 (the business blueprint) we will focus on:

1 - Planning out your business, so that you can solidify how you want to serve your soul client full time and what top goals you desire to achieve in your online busines.We will also highlight what your unique selling point is, and how you're going to leverage that in order to make you STAND OUT and not blend in within your competition.

2 - Setting Up Your Business. In second stage of this mini course, I will walk you through the essentials required for setting yourself up for success online. From understanding why you need a business bank account, to solidifying your branding, get ready to check off the steps towards launching easily here.

3 - Launching Your Business. Now that you've gotten clear on your soul client, how you want serve them, your business goals are in place, you've set up your systems, it's time to launch. But as you prepare these sequence, you need to begin marketing and getting your name out there. In this module I will walk you thorugh a simple process to your lauch sequence so that there is a buzz within the air when your ideal date arrives AND to ensure than you have already began giving value to your potential clients before launching.


Are you ready to create a business you love?