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About Us: "The Elegant Success Atelier An Entity Of

Flamingo Consulting Agency is an independent business owned by Menellia Valcent based in Saint Lucia, which provides business success & lifestyle styling services to local & international corporate & online entrepreneurial women. 

Our Mission

Our mission serves to support career women & female entrepreneurs in becoming their peak performing selves by allowing the art of slowing down, intentional mindfulness & effective productivity with elegance and style!

Our Core Values

Our clients are the heartbeat of our business, and we serve to connect & engage with integrity, immense value, purpose & style. Since every experience differs and every result is special, we serve by listening and presenting the best possible solutions to our clients through uniquely tailored methods; as each individual is seen just as such "a unique thread of our community" . 

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Core Coaching Focus:

  • Success Habits & Mindset Transformation For Cultivating Growth 
  • Productivity Streamlinging & Strategic Growth Planning & Performance Coaching For More Effectiveness In Careers & Businesses
  • Personal Development & Self Mastery, Lifestyle Development & Goal Mapping For More Fulfillment, Joy And Enthusiasm

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Flamingo Consulting Agency
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