Lunch/Brunch Coaching Immersion "St.Lucia ONLY"

Lunch/Brunch Coaching Immersion "St.Lucia ONLY"

from 75.00

NOTE : Prices Are Stated In US$ Therefore Converted Prices You WIll Be Charged

  • Group Immersion For DECEMBER 2ND 2017 XCD$200 -  Tapas Lunch & Wine Inlcuded!

If you'd love to get support before this, you may also book a private 1:1 brunch with me via this same page. See available dates below!

  • Private 1:1 Brunch at Sandals St.Lucia Golf & Country November 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th - XCD$300


The Benefits From This Immersion? 

  • Clarified desires & goals that you confidently own and embrace
  • Increased energy & enthusiasm because you are doing what you love in your life
  • Raised wealth consciousness and a happier, and emotionally healthier lifestyle
  • More confidence in yourself & your capacity to make an difference using your unique values and strengths
  • But above all, you will
    Increase Your Emotional Freedom.

This is the definition of becoming the connoisseur of your own life! 

Let's Light Up That Spark For More & Increase Your Emotional Freedom.You Are Worth It!

Request via email before paying if you have any queries!

Book & Confirm

Note that this is an in person coaching immersion with me either in group format or private format. 

Note that I under no circumstance promise change and results to my clients. YOU are responsible for your own results by taking action and implementing the work. I am only here to support you in making that roadmap clearer and more exciting. I also require you to be fully available during our session, which means that you are to be engaging and open during prompts. I will NOT be more invested in you than you are in your own self. Therefore, if you are unwilling to invest the time and effort it requires to show up for you, please do not proceed to book this immersion session. If you are ready to move forward, continue on to booking or revisit the breakdown again below for the full outline!

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