Why You Believe That "Everybody" Is Out To Get You

What do you do? Seperate your essential self, your emotional self from the others.Get into the core of who you are and what you really enjoy doing, what you're capable of, what you want, what you love.... and own it with full grasp. Without fear of "what our family, peer group, or that little voice"  will think. Now this is may be difficult in the beginning, but when you really think about it... is conforming and creating a life based on someone else's beliefs making you happy right now? Or are you desiring freedom from it. 

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Feeling Yourself Into Wealth

How can you begin to live that lifestyle now? That abundant, exciting, liberating energizing  lifestyle? Here's one way, by feeling into that wealth of abundance you've been desiring every single moment you get to and then....allowing yourself to manifest and receive it. 

We give so much of us to others as we continue to day dream about what's available to us..And insted of using or minds to create it, we shy away in the shadows of "I could never make this happen"

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