Not sure how to build authority when you're new to the entrepreneur world?Listen to this training.

So you've decided to start a new business, online or physical, but you haven't quite gotten around to building up your Know-Like-Trust factor & you're struggling to put yourself out there more, because either you're unsure of what to do, or you're entirely afraid. When you're new to the entrepreneurial world, becoming intimidated by those with more authority can become a regular thing. But shying away from "media attentian " / putting yourself out there in order to build your authority is only going to serve more harm than good to your business. 

You just have to jump in, take the plunge and give it your best in order to build your know factor, get liked, and get trusted, by your awaiting clients; which by the way most times are sitting within the community you frequently "stalk" but do not engage in. 

In this bonus outtake from "The Impactful Idea Training module, a 4 pillar training where I teach how to create impact with your profitable passionate idea", I will share with you some tips & tricks on leveraging your social media accounts "namely Instagram & facebook" to build your authority as you grow your business. 

To get the full training module, access all 4  audio guides plus the worksheet bundle which supports it get the training here & if you sign up before February 28th, get a chance to win 1 of 2 spots to work with me one:one for either 3 hours or 3 months at absolutely NO COST to you.