How to increase your online visibility now!

Have you been hiding in the shadows darling? You spend so much effort & dream visions thinking about how powerful your brand can be, how much change you can create in the lives of others not only in your industry but also your potential clients. Maybe you're an online business coach, or life coach, or internet markgeting strategy guru, yet you're afraid of making yourself visible in the places you desire to be in.Let's begin to change that.

Confidence is fact, it requires a bit of conditioning to be full confidence in stepping outside of your norm.But how to you hone that fear in order to take that leap of faith in your business? How do you stand out online in a sea of "like colored fishes" when you have no idea where to begin and which direction you should take first. 

We usually find ourselves in a place where it becomes so painful to remain there that the desire of liberations propels us to give up on the idea of struggling entirely of saying "fuck it all" and bungee jump into the "uncertainty". But that's how life goes...most times. But it doesn't have to be. 

Increase your online visibility

There is a beautiful quote from Anais Nin "potential daughter name btw" that I absolutely love. And it goes, And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom. Oh yeah, I blossomed..but I also endured the pain of remaining tight. No progress, overwhelm, fear of the unknown, confidence lack and then some... 

Well, it's time to give yourself the permission to STAND OUT, to be free, to shout out your purpose & to do it enthusiastically...

Are you ready? What is the one challenge holding you back right now? Share below and let's discuss or join us in the courageous corner on facebook & privately deliberate with the other amazing women in there... 

xx Menellia 

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