31 days to purpose clarity course- us$157

if you're ready to purposely live the life you love,this is the first step

I've tailored this course to  guide you through a 4 pillar road-map so that you can gain the clarity you need in order to create abundance in your life & business. We will get to the root of what you desire + uncover what's hindering you from the momentum you need to create your abundance. This  online course will require some vulnerability, ultimate openness & willingness to acknowledge your blocks, and covers 4 key pillars across 4 weeks.

Week 1. Decluttering & Discovery Of Your True Self

We all have 2 identities. Who we are now & who we want to become. Before you setting off a strategy to creating your abundant life, you need to truly understand & differentiate between the two & create alignment in accordance to your higher self. . By asking yourself the right questions, tapping into your past,taking yourself apart & really viewing from the outside. Hence revealing your full self.

Week 2. Acknowledging & nurturing Barriers

Get a birds eye view of your internal & external limitations & biggest challenges currently being faced, by becoming someone outside of yourself. If you were to describe what limiting beliefs YOU are facing. During this session you will be guided to becoming fully aware of your fears, doubts, limiting beliefs & discouragements "both physical & emotional;"

Week 3. Leading With Guided Love

The power of I AM. Most of us are unaware that the words we think & speak out loud dictate our current situations.As harmless as it may seem, they add up  a whole lot & leads us to very high wall of negative self talk. Discover & become fully open & willing to your power of I AM

Week 4. Defining Your Ultimate

Now that you've gotten full self clarity, it's time to take action & create with purpose. What's your next step? We will be creating opportunities for your successful life. You will be designing your success-map & you will be creating your future. It might require you to do a few things outside of your norm, but trust me it's also a very exciting journey.

Included In Purpose Clarity Course Is

Your Self Discovery Interview  "with inner yourself" - Understanding  your challenges and a the precise areas we need to focus on during our relationship.This includes deep diving into the unconcious mind,learning what beliefs have beef planted & redefining these beliefs to serve you. This may be a vulnerable spot, but true breakthrough is discovered during these sessions. During that time we will also set personal goals which will guide your success path in life, which you can then scale into your business stream.
Tailored Course Package Including Workbook, Video Material & Weekly Email Suport.
You Will Also Gain Access To  Meditations For Each Week In Order To Guide Your Feel Good Mindset & Self Conditioning  Blueprint -For Daily Growth & Focus.It's important to set a system for your self care "physical, emotional & mental" every day for maximum potential
Guided Support  - Of course, as your new partner I will be holding your hand as we create your new life via email every week. 


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