When Was The Last Time You Felt Energized?
When Was The Last Time You Made YOU A Priority? 

When Was The Last Time You LIVED?!

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You know,sometime during the last 12 months I lost this laugh & excitement

Towards, my job & my business.I literally  had no interest & no enthusiasm to perform my duties, or even get out of bed to get dressed up. And maybe you're feeling that way. You simply want to "give up"! You simply want to throw in the towel & just....linger

If YOU Currently...

Feel like you have a lack of purpose & motivation in your professional job, you feel unchallenged, you feel no drive towards your personal goals, then you need an energy renewal.If you feel like you're putting YOU on the back burner an sayingyes to everyone else, then it's time to change that...

I was in your shoes, not too long ago. As an administrative supervisor turned success coach,it took a very depressing, 1% energy state to help me realise that I needed to show up for ME & my job. I needed to define MY life & LIVE IT TO THE FULLEST. I needed to create MY ABUNDANCE.!!
I needed to tune up MY ENERGY.I needed to SAY YES TO ME!!

If you've hit a plateau in being at peek state in your personal  or professional life, or you are doubting that you can continue your solopreneur business, chances are you need an energy tune.

So let's identify what's zapping you, what's creating that doubt and lack of enthusiasm and address it today so that you can begin to show up for your incredible success!

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I want you to know this about myself....I am not any different from You!

I'm just a small Caribbean island girl, who realised that she needed to live life with more meaning & she created it. By getting the support she needed, understanding what beliefs and limits she had created for herself, and most importantly understanding my vibration into the world.

I simply learned to define my purpose
 my outcome, raised my vibration
& now it's YOUR turn


Waking up every day filled with enthusiasm.
Making decisions with CONFIDENCE instead of guilt
Loving HERSELF to the fullest without feeling weird
Engaging in activities that fulfills HER soul
Creating abundance on HER own terms
Being fully invested in your professional & personal life


In this 2 month suport we'll take immediate action towards revamping the life you love, and create the energy you desire in order to perform your best in your business or professional life. During our time together we will declutter & sharpen your mindset, realign your goals and desires,& tune up energy for healthier growth. We will address your internal & external blocks so that you can move forward in creating your desirous goals, and get more results in both your professional & personal life.And yes that means...facing the ego..

During this intensive we will focus IDENTIFYING YOUR ENERGY Zappers & TRANSFORMING them into motivation towards a happier, healthier lifestyle.

We'll first identify what it is in your life that is making you feel doubtful, stuck or confused and how to move forward from that. We'll also dive deeper on toxic self-beliefs and get clear on the impact they are currently having on your professional & personal life

During the second hour of our call, we'll begin to explore how you can transform your current energy vortex into something good.We'll align your desires and define your success on your terms.  Learn how to give yourself permission to create a space abundant of fun, energy, excitement

During the second half of our call, we'll begin to set the pace for continuous growth as you move on to a space of well-being and a happier lifestyle. Plus learn how to recognize & create opportunities for your newly refined lifestyle, take confident action towards being more open and ready to receive by setting daily success habits in place.


  • Self Discovery Path  For Internal Blocks (Facing Your Hidden Elephants)
  • Identify What It Is In Your Life That Is Making You Feel Doubtful, Stuck Or Confused And How To Move Forward From That.
  • Learn To Confidently Say YES  To Your Worth
  • Learn The Power of Saying NO & Why It's Imperative To Self Love & Overall happiness
  • Increase Your Energy Levels By Identifying Your Energy Zappers & Worry Warts
  • Beginning Your Self Development Journey (Unstick Yourself & Renewing YOU)
  • Begin defining what you ultimately desire out of life "starting your own business,having more self love, travelling more....? What do you desire?
  • Note that this session will be specifically tailored to you.


Your 2 Month Support Includes

  • "6 hours of 1 on 1 high level support"  delivered via skype or zoom
  • Welcome Training Pack
  • 1 month of email support post coaching to support your growth
  • Access to our intensive call recording
  • 1 30 minute check in call post intensive "to be scheduled"


and I'm here To Support You In That..

By the end of this intensive you will feel recharged and ready to take back the reigns to becoming a self confident women, filled of the vibrant energy & the refreshed mindset you need to lead out your desired goals with more enthusiasm. 

The Investment To Renew You - US$1,997

give your life & business back the energy it needs to thrive

Click below to request your Clarity Call now to discuss if working together is a good fit for your goals. Or email any questions about the mentorship or booking your Clarity Call to hello@menelliavalcent.com

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Make A Decision To Laugh More, Play More, Live More

It's All In The Energy...