A 6 Week Immersion To Leaping Into More Confidence, Emotional Freedom, & Self Love!

When Was The Last Time You truly LIVED & loved yourself? How Would Your Life Look Different If You Said Yes To You?

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12 Months Ago...

I had no enthusiasm to wake up in the morning for literally 1 year! I had no zeal towards, my job,my life & my business. I literally  had no interest & no enthusiasm to perform my duties, or even get out of bed to get dressed up.And I knew this feeling because it wasn't new to me.I was having a relapse from 2012 when my quarter life crisis took my all. And maybe you're feeling that way. You simply want to "give up"! You simply want to throw in the towel & just....

 I've been exactly where you are! 5 years ago my life was completely directionless & I was basically alive,
but not fully living. 

I wanted more.Until it resorted to me NEEDING more. More energy, more self love, more confidence, more personal pleasure of living the life I was gifted. 

5 years ago

  • Broke girl & in debt
  • No goals
  • Stressed 1000%
  • Never experienced life offerings
  • Searching for a job
  • Almost homeless
  • Lacked confidence
  • Doubted my abilities
  • Chronic migraines
  • Afraid of judgement,failing and even succeeding
  • Depressed
  • No direction...
  • more on all that in my memoir.."it's raw"

But today

  • I run a women empowered blog with monthly contributors
  • High rated podcast on iTunes "and i drink wine during it"
  • Worked with multiple international style brands
  • Huffington Post contributor
  • Lifestyle columnist for local print mag
  • Vacations in France and the Caribbean
  • Clarity & Peace of mind
  • Live speaking engagements
  • Live bespoke coaching lunches with women
  • Successful coaching business
  • Living for me & most importantly
    "renewed confident woman"

If YOU Currently...

Feel like you have a lack of purpose & motivation in your professional job, you feel unchallenged, you feel no drive towards your personal goals, then you need an energy renewal.If you feel like you're putting YOU on the back burner an saying yes to everyone else, then it's time to change that...

I was in your shoes, not too long ago. As an administrative supervisor turned success coach,it took a very depressing, 1% energy state to help me realise that I needed to show up for ME & my job. I needed to define MY life & LIVE IT TO THE FULLEST. I needed to create MY ABUNDANCE.!!
I needed to tune up MY ENERGY. I needed EMOTIONAL FREEDOM & I needed to SAY YES TO ME!!


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I'm Menellia. And I'll support you in regaining the wheels to the drivers seat of what's called
"your life"

Over the course of 6 weeks we will

  • Increase your emotional freedom so that you can have more energy so that you can carry out your daily tasks, love your personal life, show up for your job or business as a woman with purpose. 
  • Raise your wealth consciousness so that you can confidently set the goals & desires you are secretly haboring and know that you are worthy of achieving them.
  • Transform your confidence so that you can live life from a place of gratitude & enthusiasm as opposed to fear and self doubt. 

If you're a career woman, solopreneur, stay at home mom, who feels unsuccessful in her personal life. If you constantly feel deflated and have a lack of drive, energy or emotion to carry out your daily schedule. If you yearn to increase your self confidence, eliminate your self doubt and  face your fears head on. Then you are "Kara- My courageous name for you". And she truly desires to begin living for herself. She desires enjoying the finer things in life,like travelling and shopping for her pleasures. She wants to know what it's like to truly love herself and to be able to do these things for herself without feeling guilty and without being judged.She wants to put a stop to having life on top of her and instead be in charge & responsible of what happens in her life. And most of all, she desires MORE CONFIDENCE. And she is committed to breathing and living to the fullest...

And she is calling your name....

As a self development & success coach I will graceously hold your hand and support you as you find the clarity you need to create a life & online business clarity you have been desiring, then you’re in the right spot...

I am the right coach for kara because I am her. I have experienced what she is experiencing and I know what it’s like to be internally broken and yearning deeply to just breathe. And I have breathed. And it feels liberating...

I want you to know this about myself....I am no different than You!

I'm just a small Caribbean island girl, who realised that she needed to live life with more meaning & she created it. By getting the support she needed, understanding what beliefs and limits she had created for herself, and most importantly understanding my vibration into the world.



Waking up every day filled with enthusiasm.
Making decisions with CONFIDENCE instead of guilt
Loving HERSELF to the fullest without feeling weird
Engaging in activities that fulfills HER soul
Creating abundance on HER own terms
Being fully invested in your professional & personal life


In this transformational weeks we'll take immediate action towards revamping the life you love, and create the energy you desire in order to perform your best in your business or professional life. During our time together we will, acknowledge your limiting beliefs, blocks, traumas and doubts. We will declutter & sharpen your mindset, realign your goals and desires, & tune up energy for healthier emotional state including accepting and loving yourself for the women you are and the woman you are becoming. 

During this renewal phase we will focus IDENTIFYING YOUR ENERGY ZAPPERS & TRANSFORMING them into motivation towards creating a happier, healthier, high styled life.


  • Renewed confidence &  courage 
  • More passion driven personal goals & desires
  • More self love and emotional freedom 
  • Realigned mindset & a positive outlook on life
  • Increased wealth consciousness & creating unlimited abundance

The 6 Week Immersion Outline

We'll first identify what it is in your life that is making you feel doubtful, stuck or confused and drained and how to move forward from that. We'll dive deep into toxic self-beliefs, past traumas and blocks and get clear on the impact they are currently having on your professional & personal life

Next we'll begin to explore how you  are personally self sabotaging. We'll dive into what personal thoughts, actions and words you're using to create a depleted state of self; and lastly  we will create a new paths for uplifting habits in your life which will support the woman you desire to be.  

Lastly,we'll begin to set the pace for continuous growth as you move on to a space of well-being and a happier lifestyle. We'll  outline what are the true desires and goals you have for yourself as a woman, and how you can confidently take  action towards being more open and ready to receive them.

This 6 week immersion into leaping from your comfort zone is for the woman who needs support whilst bringing down the pillars  holding her back as she creates the life of her dreams. The lady who is committed & will NO LONGER SETTLE for less than she deserves. No more self doubt, no more self sabotage, but instead an enlightening journey towards creating more personal & professional success, more peach and clarity, and more love. .
During our time together, we will take you on a journey to self discovery in order to really tackle your internal blocks before handling the external factors. As your coach I am here to hold your hand every step of the way. To ensure than you remain on track. To ensure that you don't slip back into the depths after reaching a milestone.. that's the beauty of this mentorship program.

Courageous Society Elite Not Only Gives You A Chance To Transform The Into The Woman You Desire To Become,But Also Guides You Into Creating Goals Aligned With Who She Is. Step Into Your Highest Performing Self By Defining What Your Ideal Life Looks Like! 

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The Coaching Package Highlights

On breaking Down YOU...

  • Self Discovery Path  For Internal Blocks (Facing Your Hidden Elephants - past traumas, secrets and internal pains// what keeps you up in the dark) and clearing that
  • Learn The Power of Saying NO & Why It's Imperative To Self Love & Overall happiness
  • Increase Your Energy Levels By Identifying Your Energy Zappers & Emotional Worry Warts
  • Beginning Your Self Development Journey (Unsticking Yourself & Renewing YOU)

On Defining You

  • Increasing Your Confidence & Creating Fulfilling Personal  Goals  & Desire Map
  • We'll Create Your Own Manifesto And What You Want Your Life To Stand For
  • We'll Set Up Your New Self-Fulfilling Habits & Why They're Important
  • Leverage Your Success By Defining And Identifying Your Unique Gifts & Strength & Create Your Own Success By Defining What It Means To YOU
  • You Will Step Into The Woman You Have Defined By Beginning To Live That Lifestyle From Where You Are Now 

Celebrating Your Transformation

It's Essential To Celebrate Your Growth & Every Milestone Achieved.We Will Put In Place Activities To Support Your Growth As You Step Into The Woman You Are Defining And Celebrate Her Transformation. There Is Also An Upscale To This Celebration By Joining Myself & 3 Other Lovely Women For A Luxury All Inclusive Stay Renewal Retreat In Paris, France! 


  • Welcome Packet For Coaching Success
  • 6 60 minutes sessions
  • Personal Growth Blueprint
  • Action Items - You will receive access to your call recording & notes for effective action taking, as well as customized action sheets based on our call findings. 


  • A Woman With Defined Desires, Renewed Energy 
  • A Newly Self Defined Courageous Woman
  • A Woman Who Is Enthusiastic About Pursuing Life
  • A Woman With A Reformed Mindset On Self & Increased Self Confidence & Worth
  • A Transformed, Desire Driven Woman
  • A Woman Who Enjoys Being HER
  • A Woman With Increased Mental Clarity 
  • A Peaceful Happy Woman
  • A Woman Who Confidently Shows Up For Her Success


You Are More Than Enough!! You Are Stronger Than You Think!! You Are Built To Conquer Obstacles!! And You're Meant To Lead From A Place Of Divine Inspiration!!

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Let's Courageously Create Your Beautiful Life 

If You have An Unspoken desire within you that you're dying to call out, and the time has come to release your voice & sing your best song. If you're ready to reprogram your subconscious mind, set your best aligned goals,love yourself more  and create a lifestyle reflecting your dreams, then this package is for you.

Give yourself the permission to LIVE FOR YOU on YOUR terms, without any guilt or self doubt + create the freedom you desire. Let your confidence SHINE!!

When Your Energy Shifts,
Your Life Shifts


By the end of these 6 weeks you will feel recharged and ready to take back the reigns to becoming a self confident women, filled of the vibrant energy & the refreshed mindset you need to lead out your desired goals with more enthusiasm. 

Courageous Society Investments

 Upgrade Your Celebration To 


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Make A Decision To Laugh More, Play More, Live More! Make Your Own Happiness Your Priority. Make Freedom Your Desired Feeling.

Face & Eliminate Your Limiting Beliefs

Define Goals Aligned To Your Desires

Embrace Your Fears & Renew Your Confidence

Love Yourself More + Have Renewed Energy And Enthusiasm Towards Life

A Redefined Mindset & Create Unlimited
Abundance & Emotional Wealth On Your Terms

More than excited to begin?Hit the let's do this button below to request a clarity call to get you started..