Create A Luxurious Lifestyle & Launch Your 6 Figure Business With Confident Grace & Style!
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I'm Menellia Valcent.
Paris Swooned, Caribbean Based, Transformational Lifestyle & Foundational Business Success Coach For Burnt Out, Overwhelmed Early Stage Female Coaches, Solopreneurs & Creatives Who Are Desiring To Re-Ignite Their True Power & Build A Business With A Touch Of Sexy FUN!! 


Saying yes when you wanna say no, being nice when you wanna say or do what's required, and pleasing everyone around you "clients included" is slowly killing you & your passion to living your best life!

If launching & building your coaching business has been taking over your health, wealth, well-being,& your bliss; darling it’s time to say hello to a what I like to call elegant success. You see, you're the connoisseur of your own life, of your own success, of your own version of "freedom".

And If your new chapter has equate to - energy drains, busyness, overwhelm and quite a lot of scarcity as you're hustling your way to creating that 6 figures because "you desire it ". Ma Cherie, there's a much better way. And in fact, It couples "your lifestyle and your business with balance, art, & oh la la ease!" 

It's time to stop sacrificing yourself for the sake of "success", because there is a way to say NO & at the same time live in your highest purpose by executing your truest message with a passion driven business! It's time to stand in your power & stand in what you believe!

You are a woman who deserve to live a great life! You can take control & cultivate more elegance and grace through tapping into your core essence and slowing down just for a bit, and lay your foundation for long term growth without the burnout! You know "stopping to smell the roses, macarons & sipping some wine"! The result of your "burn out, your lack of clarity, your fear of failure/success and your MAJOR discontent is costing you you're "joie de vivre or your joyful life". Your truest definition of what it means to live fully by becoming fully present.  So my question is chéri, ARE YOU READY & COMMITTED to CULTIVATING YOUR OWN SUCCESS? Did you say OUI?

Because the  SAD reality is, if you stay within that scarcity based pattern, you will continue to suspend your success!

Don't leave your dreams on the waiting table any longer. If you're done with the daily hard hustle, the overwhelm and the chronic stress...

If you're sick of being exhausted, if you're over the sleepless nights and if you just can't face another day of "I wish this could all fall into place...

Welcome To YOUR High Styled Life Darling, where you get to create a coaching business that thrives and a lifestyle that's optimized with sexy elegance!

Bisous Bisous


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It's  All About Mastering The Art Of Feminine Elegance In Your Life & Your Business!

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