The Truth About Confidence & How To Harness Your Success With It!

There was a time I used to put my life on hold.My business on hold. I gazed around at what others were doing, asking how, waited and convinced myself that when I got more confidence, when I had more money, when I got more experience, when I had the perfect website, more followers, more traffic then I could do the things I desired to do, then I could work with the brands,then I could serve clients. But the wait only lengthened day by day month by month year by year until decided to simply go for it! And this may be what's going on with you THIS MOMENT.You're looking around waiting the the 'right time'.Well I wanna tell that there is no right time. There Is NOW!

You see confidence is NOT posting regularly on social media,or showing up daily in your Facebook lives, or bringing someone else down, or being aggressive and loud.

CONFIDENCE IS YOU BEING IN CONTROL!! It's you working, selling, creating, serving from the person you want to become. It's you being in charge and doing so with persistence, resilience and on purpose. CONFIDENCE is you being assertive and doing whatever it takes to remove yourself from the comfort zone or the caged zone of your life and business.It's about you pursuing your dreams with excitement and expressing that without hesitation.CONFIDENCE is being positive and willing to do what it takes because you believe that you're worthy of it,you deserve what you desire and you accept that!!

So think of your business and life goals.What do you need to start doing,put in place or even embody in order to show up AS THE BEST VERSION OF YOU????

~So what have you been putting on hold?
~What do you wish you could create and have right now?
~And how can you bring that into reality right now?

The truth is,if you keep waiting for that day may never come. So WHY NOT YOU??

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Here’s the thing, you can’t control anything or anyone but yourself and how you decide to show up in this game. Play small, be afraid, and take a leap and just do what you have to do. If doesn’t matter if you’re afraid, if you’re unsure of where to begin, get clarity on what you want, what you stand for  and what you want to create and then be curious enough to just learn and begin. So many women are afraid to step outside of that boring confined box, so many women feel intimidated by others who have been in the game longer than them “I know I did” and as a result keep waiting, keep stumbling, keep blaming, keep staying stuck.

Then 1 month, 2 month, 3 month, 3 years passes by and still nothing has shifted. WHY? Because we think that the right email list, the right numbers, the right structure the right w.e will be the solution to that elegant success. NO. You are the solution, the list all that other external stuff comes as a result of you taking control of the reins and moving the cart in the direction you desire to go one step at time.

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Until next time.. xx Bisous

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