How To Seriously TRIPLE Your Traffic With SumoMe

How To Seriously TRIPLE Your Traffic With SumoMe! (1).png

Sumome is a social sharing plugin which can be embedded into your blog, site, and pages in order to allow your current readers to "market" your amazing content on your behalf. It's absolutely free, of course there is the availability of pro featured packages, which will of course provide you with additional benefits.

But if you're just starting out as a creative, coach, online entrepreneur without the liquid budget set aside for marketing, then let's get to work.With the capability to enable sharing optins to up to 11 social platforms at a time including Pinterest, Facebook & Twitter, as well as direct message, whatsapp, Linkedin and so many more, this plugin is a must if you wanna grow your reach.

From list builders to content analytics the posibility of figuring out what's working for your blog as well as provide easy access to content upgrades is endless. Let’s dive into the training video!

I hope you enjoyed this week’s training tutorial. Still struggling with finding your business sweetspot? Download the free Message Clarity Kit to get started. p.s. this will also help you streamline your content to attract and market to the RIGHT AUDIENCE!

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